Instant gratification

Every now and then I have to crank out an instant gratification project. Today I sat with my lovely green hand spun wool and decided that I needed a green scarf NOW! So I proceeded to start with size 11 needles and got about three quarters of the way finished when I decided that it was too tightly knit and would be too short. So off it came; completely frogged, and on to the size 13’s it went. So with a marathon of “Project Runway” on the TV, I set off to start and finish all in the same day. I think that it turned out nicely with a simple k2 p2 rib. The hand spun yarn gives it a chunky funky sort of vibe.

But I digress…..also finished the “my so called scarf” this AM. I decided that I just had to get at least one of my wip’s off the needles. I am currently also working on an Irish hiking scarf for myself in a creamsicle peach color and also a snowshoe lace scarf done with pink/red/purple kool aid dyed wool.

Also finished (in time for Valentines day), was the Irish hiking scarf in blue for Eric. I wanted to get a pic of him wearing it but he is a tad camera shy.

On my list for projects? At this point I am trying to overcome my fear of charts. I have a couple of lace patterns that I am dying to get my needles in to. I love leaf motifs and found a really great pattern at Neighborhood Knits in Dearborn. Perhaps next weekend I’ll get started on it. I finally made the trip to Have You Any Wool and found a soft heathered plum color that I think will be perfect for the pattern.


10 thoughts on “Instant gratification

  1. The texture on the “My So-called scarf” is very pretty. The style of the twists is a lot like Barbara G. Walker’s methods for doing twists without cable needles. Very pretty, anyway, and it goes well with the colourway.

  2. hey Largmarj, thanks for the comment on my blog! I grew up in the Detroit area, and am lately of Traverse City.Did you know there is a boat (a Frers 50) on Lake St Clair named the Margaret Rentoul? She is affectionately referred to by most of the racing community as Large your scarves. Don’t be afraid of charts – they are the only way to go as far as I’m concerned when you are into complex patterns. When I get stymied by written instructions (usually because I like to knit patterns that are first written in other languages) I chart it out to make sure it works before committing it to the needles. Nice to meet you Marji

  3. I love the ‘so called scarf’. The wool and stitches are beautiful. I will have to add this to my wish list of things to make. It’s about a mile long. Happy

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