Finally, I decided that today was the day to finally conquer my fear of charts and lace patterns. I think that I got a couple of the ssk and k2 tog switched in a couple of spots but I think that this color yarn should hide any minor faux pas. Can you believe that this is 40 rows? Whew! All in one day and I only frogged once! Now that I have tasted chart knitting I will have to say that it’s a lot easier to follow complex patterns with a row of symbols rather than written instructions.

Mosaic Scarf Pattern
Some of you who have been reading my blog have made some nice comments about my mosaic scarf. Thank you! Here’s the link from Mag knits. Very easy and a good way to get creative with color. The pattern recommends casting on 24 stitches I think I cast on 34. As long as it’s multiples of 2’s the width is flexible.


8 thoughts on “Chart-tastic!

  1. I started a cocoon lace shawl with no chart but written pattern.It goes up to 250 rows(!). Thank God I bought one of those Clover Chiba row counters to keep track–charts are much easier–for lace and color work. Don’t forget to run a ‘lifeline’ to save on frogging.;)

  2. Way to go on the chart reading! I’m still at a loss on my “Adamas Shawl” chart. I might actually have to break down and take it to my LYS and ask for help! UGH!That scarf is lovely!~Suz~

  3. Your lace scarf is looking lovely! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think that blocking lace is almost magic. The transformation is so dramatic. Yours is going to be fabulous.

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