Making progress…

The Fuchsia lace scarf is coming along. A couple of minor faux pas, nothing that I don’t think that I can live with or work around. I keep my trusty chart in my lap and row counter handy. I think it’s turning out well. I’m starting skein #3 tonight. (It requires 4). I am using a felted join to start the new skiens as I go along. I saw this technique on the Knitting Help site. Basically fray both ends get them wet, (I use a spray bottle) and roll them in between your palms to felt together. It only works on 100% wool. I have used this technique once before with a pair of socks and it worked out well. No ends to weave in!


5 thoughts on “Making progress…

  1. Spritz bottle, good idea! I was going to demonstrate that join at the meetup a few weeks ago, but had no water and couldn’t bring myself to spit in public with everyone watching. :-)Thank you for your comment on my blog about the Russells…I remember a friend telling me that “101 Dalmations” was the worst thing that could have happened to the breed, since after it came out, EVERYONE wanted a cute little Dalmation for their children. Give your pup a pat for me!

  2. Nice Work, Marj. I love the purple and the pattern.Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I posted the link to the sherbet colored socks pattern on my blog – it is in the Sole Solution Collection: Hatsuyo’s Lacy Sock. You can go to the link and download the collection. Come back and see. After all, never too many socks!

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