Never ending sock story

Really….I do knit socks, it just takes me a while. A long while. This is because I do most of my sock knitting at work during my lunch hour when we don’t have meetings. (Don’t you just love meetings?) I brought my camera to work today to record the progress of what is probably my fifth pair of “at work” socks. Sock one is finished as you can see and I turned the heel on sock two today. I’m using the Little Shell Sock pattern, it’s another freebie from Knitting Patterns Central. I’ll update pic’s when they’re finished just don’t hold your breath!


12 thoughts on “Never ending sock story

  1. Love the socks! How do you like Regia? I’ve yet to try it. BTW – thanks for the tips you gave regarding the tinglies and I just realized the larjmarj photo – is that from the Pee Wee movie? That’s one of the few movies I can recite from beginning to end! The sock on my blog is Socks that Rock Light in Tigereye colorway – knits up great (I like it even better than Opal) but I’m a wee bit nervous with the yardage issue for men’s socks.

  2. Great socks!!! I love all the scarves you’ve been working on since the 1st of the year, too. I have found several sites with info on putting a heel flap and turn on toe-up socks, so I will be giving it a try on a pair of cotton blend socks I’m working on now. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Imagine my surprise when I read this post, glanced down at my feet and realised I am wearing the same socks. Obviously, they aren’t the same, you knit yours and I knit mine – but they are similar. Are we joined by a common thread?

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the socks – and used the same yarn in January to make my sister a pair. Like your pattern though – just put in my list for a future project!

  5. Hi gal, I think your blog looks quite good. Mine is more primitive, and I’ve had it for months. Guess I’d better look into Blogger help for additional insight on my set up. Cool socks – socks are on my wish list to-do in the near future.

  6. Love the socks, I am yet to try Regia sock yarn. I do like your name ‘Larjmarj’Thanks for visiting me and commenting on the vegemite, yeah I guess it is something you have to be born eating!!! I love it on a bit of buttered toast, yum.

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