Be your own Muse

I just have to do a one or two day project from time to time just to have some instant knitting gratification. One such project that has been on my list is the “Muse” hat pattern from one of my favorite blogs Shazzas Knits. A talented gal from Tasmania. She also has some other really great patterns on her blog, and it’s a good read. I did this one in about two evenings. I used Blue Sky Cotton, a 100% cotton yarn that’s wonderfully soft. I think that I might have to make another one!


15 thoughts on “Be your own Muse

  1. I love your muse hat. I am yet to try this but I have knitted Shazza’s socks a couple of times. I just had to visit, your pic drew me in. What the ^&*% is that?

  2. It looks fantastic and you have captured the look that inspired my Muse Hat. The only thing missing is the hunky musician, hanging off your arm he he. Thanks for your lovely words and of course promotion of my lovely island state.

  3. I couldn’t agree more – there’s something so satisfying about a project you can finish in a day or two, especially in the middle of longer-term projects.

  4. What I know about knitting can be written on the back of a postage stamp, though I do have a hazy memory of knitting a dishcloth back in primary school days! (I think I used a couple of telegraph poles as needles.)Your picture scares the hell out of me, and wonder what you really look like. Anyway, as you are – so far – the only Blogger I know I’ve put a link to your Blog on “Beck’s Blog”. Cheers!

  5. Love the hat! I will be checking out that pattern very soon. I have been looking for something simple I could knit for my sister-in-law who lost her hair to chemo. Maybe this one is a bit too “holey” though. We’ll see. Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier!

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