Feeling Slumpy and Lumpy

I swore that I would try to keep this blog as strictly knit only, however, I have to say that given my schedule lately I’ve been in a bit of a knit slump. I am still going to therapy twice weekly to get my shoulders tortured. I am getting better but very slowly. I would rather break a bone than to have to deal with tendonitis ever again. I did however manage to do a little cooking this weekend which is another thing that I never seem to have time or energy for. With summer here my thoughts turned to tuna macaroni salad. I added some green peas and frozen artichoke hearts for some added oomfh. I used whole wheat pasta and lots of real mayonaise of couse.

I have also been spending some time trying to
convince the Dalmatians that thunder storms will not “get” them. Of course to no avail, here’s a pic of Hooch giving me a look of desperation, no pic of Chief; of course he’s tunneled too far under my bed to be seen. I don’t mind the rain, it saves me from having to water my back garden and front flower beds.

Now on to the knitting or lack there of. I am almost done with ONE of the Japanese Feather socks. I started a Feather and Fan sock from Shazzas knits. I’m using a cotton wool blend from On Line yarns. Still poking away at my lace scarf… I am hoping that this is a temporary slump and once my schedule becomes a little more sane the rest of me will follow.


14 thoughts on “Feeling Slumpy and Lumpy

  1. Mmmmm…that salad made my stomach growl, it looks delicious! So your pups are scared of storms too? Maybe we should get together and pay a group rate for a doggie therapist to reassure them that storms are nothing to be feared…my Jerry is reduced to a shaking, panting, drooling mess at the first rumble of thunder…

  2. Thanks for the well wishes – baby A, B, and C need all the good vibes they can get! That salad looks tasty – but everything looks tasty for me these days! We are so blessed – all our animals don’t even flinch or open a lid when a terrible storm hits but then I think how unprotected I am if an ax muderer entered the house…Take care of yourself with the tendonitis – you’ll be back on the knitting wagon in no time!

  3. yummmmmmmmm! That looks wonderful! I hope your shoulder heals soon, it is no fun to be in such pain! Fortunately, my lab doesn’t even notice thunderstorms, the dog that is staring back at him from my oven door is another story entirely! 😉

  4. That salad looks really tasty! And the knitting will pick up soon – the most important thing is to take care of your shoulders and listen to your body.

  5. On the dog front….we have to give Cal our 12-year old golden diazepam every single time we have a thunderstorm. I’m about ready to tap into his stash if he keeps this up. It’s not like it’s a new thing, but for the love of God, man, he is freaking out the cat!

  6. Hey, what’s going on over here? ;)I know what you mean about a knitting slump…i’m still trying to wrap up my Mom’s very belated Mother’s Day Shawl and i can’t post many pics of it because she reads my blog!! I didn’t knit on it at all yesterday, it’s been raining for at least a week straight and Deb and i were in such a blah mood yesterday that we both nearly slept the day away! UGH!!When i get offline, i’m going to go pop in one of the Harry Potter DVDs and get back to the shawl!Love the blue hat, it’s adorable!!On me, i would look like a troll!!! LOL!!~Suz~

  7. Your blog is funny. I love your dalmatians. I had one when I was a little girl. Her name was Dottie. Spazzy dog, she was! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You are so very right about the sock knitting addiction. It’s too late for me, it’s already got me! I’m going to do a count and see how many pairs I’ve done. Hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll add you to my faves now that I’ve found yours too. Very cool socks! I would love to one day learn how to knit socks, but for now, I’m still doing just plain shawls & wraps to get the hang of it. I probably can crochet them, but I’ve heard they don’t come out as soft as knitted ones, so I wait….::::sigh::::: until I can work up the courage….Adrianehttp://crochet-kitty.blogspot.com/

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