A Fabulous Freebie

OK..so not exactly a “real” knitting post but close. Betty at the Yarn Tree in Flat Rock has a really great bi-annual sale. I received her notification post card in the mail and saw that I was lucky enough to have the day off on the first day of the sale. Get there early and get the good stuff right? The percentage off is based on the amount of total sale from 10 to 30 percent. Of course…I am usually in the 30% category. She also honors the discount over the next two weeks of the sale so if you go back for that item that you just couldn’t quite decide on, you still get the percentage off. Is that a great sale or what?

She also has about four drawings for various items either a lot of yarn (enough to make a sweater or baby blanket) or other knit related items. One of her drawings was for this really great knitting tote and TA DA! I won! I couldn’t believe it. This bag is BIG and it has quite a few pockets on the inside. There’s a 100 gm skein of cotton/wool Regia inside to show the size.

As for the store itself? It’s a great little store with lots of yarn. She carries everything from fine alpaca to acrylic. Betty also has one of the best selections of sock yarn that I’ve seen anywhere locally. She’s owned and operated the store for 30+ years and is the Yoda of knitting. When I’m stuck on something or need to know a short cut..she always has some really great suggestions and she knows quality fiber.

On to some real knitting. I just finished a seven day stretch at work so not a lot on the knit front but..I did manage to start the second Japanese Feather Sock. I know the finished one looks lumpy in this pic but it’s a lace pattern with Cascade Fixation so the elastic bunches it up a little. The pattern goes pretty fast so I hope to have two socks within the next week. I also learned that when using the Magic Loop method I don’t have to knit as tightly with Fixation and no ladders to contend with.

I also started the Feather and Fans sock from Shazza’s Knits. I’m using Online Cotton and Wool. It’s coming out nice and stretchy soft.

My day lillies in the garden aren’t they gorgeous!

As for any other news, I’ve been officially discharged from my therapy. I’m glad I went, I’m glad I did it and I’m glad it’s over. My therapist was really great so I took her a prezzie of Calder’s Dairy cottage cheese and cheese cake. So now it’s up to me to be compliant and do my home exercise program to maintain my strength and not get re-injured.
I should have more FO’s and a few more new starts for my next post. Since I worked extra to cover the holiday, I bargained with my boss for a few extra days off now I have seven days total coming to me next week! Can’t wait to chill with the boys and knit to my heart’s content. Mom Larj is also having her 80th birthday…maybe I’ll take her out and get her that second tattoo she’s been wanting… πŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “A Fabulous Freebie

  1. That freebie is definitely fabulous! I have a very similar quilted bag and I love it, too. I think mine is smaller though–yours looks very accommodating! Love the socks as well! Sigh. Everyone is knitting socks, I think I need to jump on that bandwagon soon!

  2. Woohoo! Who doesn’t love a freebie??? Nice bag!!! :).I love the On line socks too-really nice. What do you do that you work 7 days in a row???Hope you get a break soon-to knit-of course!!!Amy

  3. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I live in an extremely rural area and I’ve found a lot of interesting things around here that I’ve never seen anywhere else.Love your socks!

  4. What a great freebie. Love those socks too, thinking of trying that out myself – if I EVER finish jaywalker 2.2.Picovoli should be complete today, if I can get those ends woven in and can be bothered to block…

  5. That is a beautiful bag, and the price is just perfect!! That yarn shop sounds wonderful, just my type of place. The closest yarn shop to me is half an hour away (North and South!)

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