The Silence of the Socks….

Finally!! ONE FO! I thought that I would never get there. I love this pattern but I don’t know that I would knit it with fixation again. It was a learning experience using fixation with the magic loop, I don’t have to crank on the yarn nearly as much as with dpn’s. I have made socks with this yarn using dpn’s and had HUGE tension and ladder issues. Using the magic loop method allows a more relaxed tension. Love the colors though. I would probably make the cuff a little shorter as they’re a bit snug at the top, especially on the first sock when I was still giving a bit too much tension to the yarn.

Hmmm…now what to finish or perhaps start next? I’ll probably finish the feather and fan socks and make some shortie fixation socks with my left over’s. Sounds like a plan.

Tuesday was my mom’s 80th birthday! I had the week off so I spent the entire day with her. We started out at Ewe-nique Knits. She wanted a knitting bag like my little pyramid shaped one. So she picked out one that she liked with little sheep on it. We then went on to Trader Joe’s for some power grocery shopping and then out to lunch at The Fly Trap. Yes, that is the name. It’s a “finer diner”. Excellent salmon burgers. We headed back Downriver and picked up some carry out cheese cake for her “birthday cake”, then back to her house to enjoy it.

Well back to work tomorrow. It was really great to have the much needed week off!


18 thoughts on “The Silence of the Socks….

  1. Now *those* are a pair of socks!!!!! Simply lovely 🙂 Your mom looks great for 80. It sounds like a nice bday. I wish there was a TJ’s here.

  2. Oh do I love that color mix on your fixation socks. Beautiful! And what a sweet Birthday outing you had with your mom. TJs is a great foodie place, yes? We love ours.

  3. Hey larjmarj thanks for visiting and the compliment.Nice profile picture. That’s from ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’ right?Much of my knitting takes me back to my younger days, that bag is just a reminder of my days when I was happy spinning tops, sigh, can’t find a top anywhere these days.Nevermind, checked your site, I must say you do love your socks. They’re lovely. Haven’t been brave enough to give that a try as yet.I do go on, don’t I?Take care

  4. HiMy name is Crystal & I live in Southgate. I know all the shops you talk about and have haunted them myself. I just signed up for a blog as fanoknit and wanted to let you know that me and some friends get together every wednesday night in Wyandotte at the Grind coffee shop for knitting from 6pm to 11pm if you would like to join us.

  5. Crystal, I don’t know if you are still touching base on this blog but..I stopped at The Grind tonight (Wed) and there weren’t any knitters. 😦 I stayed from about 7 till 8:15. So hope you can get in touch. You can use the to post to the local Yahoo group. Or…you can e-mail me…Marj

  6. Those socks look great, sounds like magic loop is a little better for sock knitting. Glad you had a great b’day with your mum – sounded like a lovely day.Thanks again for the CTS advice, it’s really appreciated.

  7. Your socks look fantastic!! Ism’t it strage how tension can change when you are knitting exactly the same thing- twice?? Very weird. Wow! Happy Birthday to your mum!! You had a great day!!

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