Never Say Never Ending

Finally! The Fuchsia Lace scarf that I thought would never end has reached it’s conclusion. I finished it earlier this week but haven’t sat down and taken time to post. (Here’s a pic in it’s unblocked state) I don’t know how many repeats I worked but it ended up about 62″ long. I had wanted to wait to block it until I could pick up some “yarn wash” but I figured that Trader Joe’s Lavender laundry soap would do. It’s pretty mild and has a nice scent. Besides….I JUST couldn’t wait!

Here it is, happily blocking on some towels in the basement. I have never blocked anything before so I hope that I am doing it right. I washed, rinsed and then rolled it up in a towel to get the extra moisture out. I ended up using a spray bottle to give it an even “moistness” whilst shaping and pinning with “T” pins. Any tips on blocking or does it look OK?

I also completed hat #2 for the contractor who is working to complete the Bathroom O’ Skank. Aaron was pretty impressed with the first hat and said that he needed about a hundred more. I dont’ know that I can quite do a hundred but I think I can go for five or six. I have been mixing up the color combinations with stripes but I think that I am ready to try something different. Apparently not only is Aaron skilled in home remodeling but he’s also a musician in a local Metal band called Forest Wade.

The center piece of the band’s logo is a skull. My original thought was to work it in to a hat using intarsia knitting. However, I couldn’t work out how to do intarsia in the round so I am thinking that if I do duplicate stitches following the chart that I have worked out it’ll look and wear just fine. Any suggestions ? I also want to do some wrist bands using Cascade Fixation. Stitch and Bitch Nation has a pattern for skull wristbands using beads. Come to think of it I might have to make one for myself as I promised Aaron that I would make it to one of his gigs to check out the band and jump in the mosh pit. OK…no moshing for me, I just might break a hip. But I have to admit I’m a closet Metal fan who’d a thunk?


13 thoughts on “Never Say Never Ending

  1. Looks like how i block mine. Must be right 😉 Heehee!!!That scarf turned out just gorgeous!! I even love the color and i’m not usually pulled toward purples, but that one is yummy!!!~Suz~

  2. The scarf is great and blocking the way I do if I need to block anything. I usually just press seams with a steam iron on wool setting (pursists cringe) but lace needs the blocking treatment.The skull hat will look great, I would do duplicate stitch but I do know there is a way to do intarsia in the round, I googled when I was doing the lighthouse socks but it seemed very confusing to me!!I love early 70’s metal, heavy rock so if modern day bands have that raw sound then I am a closet fan too 😉

  3. I used the skull (we call them pirates) pattern from the hello yarn website (that kristi and otis and ar mentioned above).It came out exactly as the picture suggested, and it was my first attempt at fair isle, knitting in the round, and a hat… so you know it’s user friendly. Good Luck 😉

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