From Skanky to Swanky

As promised, here are the pics of the remodeling of the bathroom O’ skank which is now the bathroom O’ swank! Nice work wouldn’t you say? I can’t believe what a difference it made. Off to the left obviously is the present condition, and to the right the previous skankalicious condition.

Our tub is on the left side of the pic behind the door and although you can’t see it Aaron made a drop ceiling over the shower and installed two overhead cabinets.

The only thing we didn’t replace was the tub and tile on the walls. Everything else was gutted and replaced. Mr. Larj is just overjoyed that he doesn’t have to sit sideways on the pot! Our original idea was to take out the wall in front of the toilet and move it back, but Aaron suggested moving the toilet to the side and turning it. What a smart kid! He did such a fine job that we’ve roped him into a tour of duty in the kitchen.


14 thoughts on “From Skanky to Swanky

  1. Oh, it’s just like changing rooms, it looks so very different, and so much better!! It is all shiny and crisp. Is Mr Larj of such elephantine proportions?? I don’t think he would have fitted in the doorway!!!

  2. Beautiful!! I love the sink and vanity – great space saver. Good idea turning the throne for King and Queen Larj. Nice redo, oh swanky lady.ROFL!!! The word verification starts with pp! How did they know?!

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