Fall in to Wool

Another Sheep and Wool fest, come and gone. I managed to scam a half day off of work to go and check out the goods. The rain managed to hold off and we actually had good weather. I met my friends Jim and Jacky who live in the area and we perused the grounds. I also ran in to fellow knitters Rachel, Dana and Leslie. I managed to keep my spending in check and only came away with an undyed handspun skein and a bar of handmade soap. It was really just nice to get out and enjoy some of the sights and sounds, can’t say much about the smells. We are talking about barnyard stuff here.

The little brown fellow on the right is a baby alpaca. I tried to convince Jim and Jacky that they really do need one, adding to the two sheep that they already have. The llama was resting his head on his back taking a little snooze.

Another llama with the coolest ears

Jim also gave me two big lawn and leaf bags of wool from his sheep. I mean directly off of the sheep. He said that the fibers might be a little short as his clippers are not the greatest and he wasn’t able to get as close of a “shave” as he would have liked Now I have to figure out the next step. I understand that there are some places that will process the wool into roving for a fee. I guess taking a spinning class wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

As for what I have been working on…well. I completed both of my Cascade fixation socks and tried them on! Lo and behold I forgot an entire section right below the cuff on the one sock..off to the frog pond and basically started over only to start knitting “inside out”, again…ribbit ribbit. Finally I am on the right track. But to appease my hunger for a FO and to test my ability to follow directions..I made a Panta. What a cool and comfy head band. I even had to do…….math! I used the new Paton’s SWS yarn, it’s a wool and soy blend. After hearing so many good things about it on other blogs I just had to try it out. It has a nice texture and feel. I have yet to start my lace scarf for the Day of the Dead KAL, it is on my list for tomorrow. I think I developed a bit of paranoia about attempting to start that particular project after my last failed attempt. I really enjoyed the suggestions for solving yarn tangle nightmares…next time I think I’ll try martinis and throwing it in the fire!


9 thoughts on “Fall in to Wool

  1. Oh, I love your Panta, I made a green one (surprise, surprise) and I wore it in Winter when I walked The Labradors!! I like the look and sound of the SWS, I hope it comes here!!I love the peekaboo llama, very appropriate for the Panta with all its 2 llama, 3 llama etc!!!

  2. Love the panta!!! I made one last year, it’s such a cute pattern!!! Try lining it with some polar fleece fabric stitched on the WS–it’s nice and toasty for windy, cold winter days that way!

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