FO…FO…it’s off to work I go…..

Finally some finished objects to show off! First off are the Feather and Fan socks using Online cotton and wool. I wanted a color that would go nicely with jeans. The fit is great and the cuff is nice and stretchy to fit over my “cankles”.

Secondly are the dastardly Cascade fixation socks that visited the frog pond not once but twice. It’s a made up pattern, just something that I was playing around with. In my mind..they just turned out “OK”, not stellar but they fit.

I am also making the “Ruffles” scarf from the Scarf Style book. I am using size 7 needles and a little heavier guage of yarn, Paton’s SWS. I like the way it’s turning out so far. My co-workers deemed that “It looks like intestines“. One of the perks of working in a hospital, having one’s work compared to innards.

I have also began my project for the Day of the Dead KAL, it’s lace so I think that it’s going to be a slow go. Also the chart that I have only goes to so many rows, apparently you are supposed to figure out the sequencing of the pattern after so many repeats. I asked Amy about this a couple of weeks ago at our knitting meet-up in Dearborn and she assured me that this was the case and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also on my plate are a few items for the Dutchicans, sort of an online baby shower. So with all that in the works I have plenty to keep me busy along with trying to catch up on the housework that is LONG over due.

I also have a surprise…my very own Etsy store, and you thought that all I did was knit!


16 thoughts on “FO…FO…it’s off to work I go…..

  1. I think you have very slim ‘cankles’!!! What lovely socks all round!!! I saw your great jewellery too, you are very talented!! Our Spring weather consists of wild temperature swings: from 33*C down to -7*C overnight. Are you sure you want some??? A prickle is a sharp fine short spine on a weed: I will put a pictue on my blog later on today!!

  2. Lovely socks, another one with cankles, I bought some lovely knee high black boots off ebay and I can only get them done up 3/4 of the way grrrrr!!Just sent you an email asking you to keep us posted on the etsy shop and you have done it, well done. Best of luck with it, they are beautiful pieces.

  3. Great socks! I love the patterns and the colors. Also like the colors of the Ruffles – is the Paton’s SWS nice to work with? I have been eyeballing it at my local craft sotre…

  4. How to eat V*gemite: Loghtly toasted white bread, buttered with buter and then the V*gemite is lightly scraped on, so there is a 50% coverage of the toast!! Yum. You know we also mixed it with boiling water for a drink in my childhood!!You sound like Homer Simpson;Hmmm Green!!!We don’t have squirrels at all. But I think they are like possums here. Possums look cute but they are big smelly aggressive marsupials who, if they get into your house, can totally wreck it!!!

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