A Bittersweet Finish

Yes, I’ve been busy. I started on the items for the Red Dog Triplets about a week and a half ago, before hearing the news that Kristi had lost Baby B. I continued knitting for the two babies that she will deliver healthy and happy on Nov 17th. I also made a pair of socks for one of the nurses at work who is very pregnant and “therapy friendly”. She never scowls and acts like I am interrupting her distribution of meds when I am about to work with a patient. She always gives me the information that I need about the patient and even seeks me out to keep me abreast of any pertinent need to know information. I think that kind of professional respect deserves a pair of baby socks! As for other things that I am working on but am too lazy to take a picture of… I have a loopy mohair scarf in variegated shades of blue that is my late night or KUI project, straight garter stitch. Haven’t touched my lace scarf or my “intestine” scarf this week as I really wanted to get all of the baby items done and in the mail tomorrow. I am also working on a cold sore the size of Kansas. I have NEVER had one before and to my shock and horror my first one is a real beauty. Of course this is a week with a lot of social engagements ahead. Figures doesn’t it? No amount of make-up will hide this tumor, it is absolutely heinous. Oh well just in time for Halloween, perhaps I could dress up as a piece of rotting fruit. ;-%
I also received this week my skein of Pure Silk Debbie Bliss yarn from fellow blogger Amby. It’s 125 meters or 50g…any suggestions for a silky slinky one skein project?


9 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Finish

  1. My condolences (?) to your friend for her loss. And to all of us, for the loss of all the wonderful things Baby B would have brought us all.So glad you are feeling better. And I too love the photos.Your blog always puts a huge smile on my face.Sonya

  2. My friend has been plagued with cold sores all her life and she always seems to ‘cop them’ right when there is socialising to be done :(Lovely baby knitting.

  3. Oh, that is so sad about the third triplet. But Mommy and babies will appreciate your beautifully knit booties and hats.I also get cold sores and use Abreva – it does help. Also, take some L-Lysine (an amino acid) you can get from the drug store- it helps as well. The last thing I do is take echinacea to boost my immune system. I hope it clears soon…

  4. KnR…Thanks for the tips on cold sores. My sis told me about the Abreva but I didn’t know about the amino acids. It is just so gross looking can’t believe that I made it to middle age without on only to get slammed my first time out!

  5. Deb gets “cold sores” frequently. But we think that hers are from…oh, she’s gonna kill me!!!…her drooling in her sleep. Something about the acid in her saliva?However, when she has them, i get no smooches because they are contagious. So sad!The abreva did jack-crap for hers. Now she pops them open and puts rubbing alcohol on them and peroxide. Isn’t she nuts?!!!!!!!!~Suz~

  6. As soon as you feel a cold sore coming you should hold an ice block on it: wrapped up I think so you don’t get ice burn. Scientist have found this works quite well. I don’t know myself!!! Isn’t it always the way though!!!

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