A New Phase of the Moon…

I have been making an effort to try to get my moldy old butt out of the house a little bit more now that Mr. Larj is working his sick and crazy schedule. My first effort was a night out with my work crew to see Roger Clyne and the Peace Makers at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. I can’t really say that it’s my usual style of music but they really put on a great show and are worth seeing live. I also managed to score a couple of tickets for the sold out Wolfmother show at the Majestic. I used Craig’s List to put out a post and lo and behold someone who had a change of plans contacted me and I am now going to be rocking out on Thanksgiving weekend! I also have tickets to see The Black Keys at the Majestic in December. Three concerts in three months! Sheesh, I haven’t been to three concerts in the last ten years.

My other excitement this week is that I’ve now gotten my 15 seconds of fame. I know… it’s supposed to be 15 minutes but 15 seconds is all I was allotted. One of the docs at the hospital where I work wrote a screen play for a movie and they have been filming at the hospital over the past week. Last Tuesday as I was getting ready to leave work, I saw the film crew milling around the back lobby. I stopped and talked to one of the crew and asked him what the movie was about etc.. and he told me and then asked “do you want to be in it?” I was a little hesitant at first and then I thought, why not? So I got to see the magic of movie making up close and personal. My “part” was to, on cue, walk in front of one of the “docs” who is hurriedly getting off of the elevator and slow him down. They wanted my “character” to be a nurse so I wore navy blue scrubs from the wardrobe rack. They must have somehow known that walking in front of the docs and slowing them down is something that I pretty much do on a daily basis, so they definitely had the right person for the part πŸ™‚ The name of the movie is “Ocean of Pearls” and it is supposed to be showing at Sundance and Cannes. So look for the navy blue badonkadonk sashaying on the screen!

As for the picture of Chief wrapped in LOVELY lime green boucle mohair? Originally I ordered six skeins from Discontinued Yarn. It’s Louet Diana’s Dreams which usually runs about ten dollars a skein and this was selling for $2.24! When I received my order there was only one skein in the package and a note on the invoice saying that it was all sold out. I had intended to make a scarf to replace the one that I accidentally felted…yes, live and learn on that one! I was very disappointed needless to say and fired off an e-mail telling them that I would have cancelled the order had I known that there was only one skein. I received an e-mail back saying that they contacted Louet and located a hank equal to six skeins and they would forward it on to me ASAP. Now that’s how to keep a knitter happy!

Started my X-mas shopping this week and started my list for Mr. Larj. I am looking to add a swift to my yarn gadgets, especially after the “How to Ruin your Week End with Yarn” debacle.
Yes, the holiday season will be upon us before you know it! Are you ready?


5 thoughts on “A New Phase of the Moon…

  1. How exciting you’re a star!!! You could be sashaying your way to a multi-million $ career!!! Chief looks so long suffering!!! What gorgeous wool though: stunning!! Nice of the wool people to come to the party but it does make you cross, doesn’t it. I ordered enough variegated green wool to make a jumper and ended up with 8 balls. That’s enough to do nothing with really!! Chirstman?? Ready?? Moi??? I don’t think so!!!

  2. You’re an extra! That’s awesome. How’d you get Cheif to sit still with the wool? My dog is such a spaz, I’d never get the yarn untangled!

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