Instant Gratification with a Little Procrastination Thrown In

I do love my instant gratification projects, they fill the void when I’m working on those seemingly never ending lace projects or when I have too many WIP’s going at the same time and need to see something completed. I purchased this lovely hand spun yarn on eBay last year and was waiting for inspiration to hit me as far as a pattern. I only have about 130 yards so it would have to be something somewhat shorter in length and width. I found a reversible cable scarf pattern using 20 cast on stitches. I think it’ll work out perfect and show off the wonderful colors and textures of this fiber.

What am I procrastinating on? I have to cut my mom’s hair today and she is in one of her fine and foul moods. She is the sole caregiver for my dad who has mild dementia. It takes a toll on her and her resentment tends to over flow on those closest to her. I try to get her out of the house on my long weekends but it’s not always possible as I use my time off to catch up on stuff around the house and sometimes I am just burned out myself.

When I was getting a snap of my scarf I also got a shot of two of my favorite guys bonding on the couch. Well I guess I’d better drag my butt out of this chair and attend to my adult responsibilities.


7 thoughts on “Instant Gratification with a Little Procrastination Thrown In

  1. I’m so glad I finally got some time to read a few blogs! I love the pic of your two fave guys. How cute!Knitting? hehe, that’s cute, too. Great colors.

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