Yes, I Have Been Knitting

It doesn’t seem like I have been getting much done on or off the needles over the last few weeks but, yes, I have. I actually have been doing a little charity knitting. Some of which I mentioned in my last post about making squares for the comfort blanket for Jenn. I also like to take part in our “scarf, hat and mitten tree” that we have every year at our work place for the local Goodfellows charity organization. I usually crank out a few scarves or hats. I donated four this year. I also knit a few extra quickie gifts for some friends, so I cranked out a total of eight scarves as shown, all rolled up like sushi and tied with ribbon! I used the Lion Brand “Two Hour Scarf” pattern and each scarf uses one skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I know a lot of knitters really HATE Homespun yarn but I have never had any problems with it.

I also managed to finish the “at work” Jaywalkers. It seemed like it took me an eternity to finish them but I only work on them on my lunch hour so of course by doing a few rows at a time it really does take an eternity. How do you guys like those colors! Whoo hoo…I said they were bright! So in to the wash they will go and I will be able to show them off next week. I also finished a Panta headband for another co-worker who was kind enough to give me rides to work when my husband’s car was out of commission. I just need to seam it up and that will be finished. Still plucking away on the Ruffles scarf and haven’t even thought about the Kevat shawl. I am contemplating casting on a pair of “at home” socks. I’m feeling the need for a speedy pair of socks, nothing to complicated but fun…any suggestions?


13 thoughts on “Yes, I Have Been Knitting

  1. Aren’t we so old to be pre-digital!! But look how clever we are to be able to work the darn things(almost!!) I can recomment the Thuja socks from Knitty, they’re 8pl, on 4mm, I don’t know what that is in your part of the world though. Also my friend made the Socks of Doom(?) from the Sock Wars and they were speedy too. I love my Thuja socks, each made in a night and very cuddly!! Fires still burning and the whole state just smells of smoke and fire. No fires near me, yet, but I really should do my fire evac prep NOW!!!!

  2. Wowzerz!! You HAVE been a busy little knitter! I’ll bet your hands are about to fall off!!I have a love/hate relationship with Homespun. I made a cute little Lion Brand patterned sweater for my nephew when i first started knitting…didn’t think he’d like a poncho like his sisters got. LOL!! I hate how when that little thread comes off, there’s no twist left at all ANd i hate how the yarn will coil up and you have to smooth it out back toward the skein and then the coiling gets worse, etc.I do love how soft the yarn feels and think i would probably use it in the future but only on blankets. ~Suz~

  3. I see you have been busy. I wish I could say the same. It seems as soon as I start one project, I find another project I want to do. Sucks to be indecisive (sp?)!Hope you have a happy holiday!Sonya

  4. I totally agree about the Jaywalkers taking for-ev-er…I have yet to finish mine and I started them in June. Granted I am highly distractable and the fact that they are 1s are killing me. However yours look fantastic!

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