Knit Gifts!

How was your Holiday? Mine was very knitterly.
Not only did I give the gift of knitting but I also received.
My sister Gus , who taught me to knit as a child, has been swearing up and down over the last few years that, “No, I can’t knit anything that’s not a scarf or an afghan”. I have been encouraging her to try other things given the fact that I managed to branch off after 30 years of just playing around with basic scarves. I told her that knitting in the round and using dpn’s is much easier than it looks. Well well…look at what Gus learned to do, she made the BEAUTIFUL green felted tote bags that you see here. They are just gorgeous and have cloth linings. The one on the left is a two tone sage color with a ladder yarn running through for contrast and the LIME green one has …..sparkles. I love sparkles! I could not be more proud of her for expanding her skills and her thoughtfulness at sharing them with me!

I started my at home sock project, I decided to wing it and try something new myself. I am making up my own pattern using a picot cuff, a simple knit for the leg and an “eye of the partridge” heel flap. Why they call it that I don’t know and I am not really sure if I am doing it right but, it looks pretty so it will stay. I started out with 68 cast on using #1 addi’s, after 2″ I decreased to 66 then after another 2″ I decreased to 64 to give the leg a better shape. I tried them on and it seems to work. The picot cuff adds a nice touch to an otherwise simple sock. I purchased my lovely Opal sock yarn at the Yarn Tree in Flat Rock when I stopped in to get some Euclan wash for stocking stuffers. Did I need any more sock yarn? It was hard to resist those scrumptious colors though.

As for knitterly gifts…I got a LOT. Mr. Larj gave me a Glimakra swift. So I will hopefully not have any more winding disasters. I also received lots of books and mags from Mr. Larj and my friend Cyndi who understands but does not share in my obsession for all things knitted. I hope you all had a great Holiday and are also wallowing in all things knitterly.


11 thoughts on “Knit Gifts!

  1. Wow!! What beautiful bags!!! So green and sparkly too. I love your sock wool. Who could resist?? Can you belive we are in the middle of Summer and have snow?? Very weird. I would parcel some up, but I expect it would melt by the time it arrived!!!

  2. It’s so nice that you could help encourage the person who taught you how to knit. And what lovely bags! Your sock is looking really nice. I love the picot cuff. It always looks so femme.

  3. Ooooh! Knitterly gifts are the best. Yum! Gus’ bags are too cool, she did a great job!! Kudos to you for encouraging her to branch out and to her for taking that leap! I see more knitting lovlies for the both of you in the furture.I’ve yet to name my gifts, still working on writing about the trip and surprising everyone, but i’ll get there eventually. ;)~Suz~

  4. Pretty pretty pretty! Those socks are so lovely.And the bags that your sis made are so great. I’m glad you got her to branch out and that you branched out, too. What a score on the Swift. Gratz, and an extra hug for your Mr. who has GOT to be a keeper.

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