A New Sock for a New Year

I think that someone is coveting my newly finished picot edge sock. It fits me perfectly! When I sort out how to accurately write out the pattern I will post it. For New Year’s Eve Mr. Larj and I will be hanging out at Casa Larj, chillin with some Champagne and listening to the sound of our fellow Downriverites firing off their guns and other explosives.

Everyone have a happy and safe New Year!!

11 thoughts on “A New Sock for a New Year

  1. Whatsat yarn?? It’s purdy!!! LOL!I have no idea what will happen in this neighborhood tonight. We’ll be watching football and then the ball with Dick…i know that sounds unusual for two Lebians, but…ya know. ;)Happy New Year!~Suz~

  2. Happy New Year to you too! I love your Picot sock. I haven’t done Picot for years – it was a doll’s dress hem as I remember from Jean Greenhowe. That was in my toy phase. Socks are much more pleasant to wear!!

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