My First Blogoversary!

Yes, it’s my first blogoversary! Hmmm…how should I celebrate? I’m thinking that I already did. I hit the bi-annual yarn sale at The Yarn Tree in Flat Rock and managed to do some severe damage. Did I buy more sock yarn? You bet! I also indulged in some more Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a few shades, some Cascade 220 and some really lovely Cherry Tree Hill big loop mohair 2 skeins in a tropical parrot color that is destined to be a comfy and cozy wrap. I dragged my friend Beth with me and she managed to do a little damage herself, also indulging in the big loop mohair in shades of charcoal and plums.

As for the knitting front ta da! finished my Opal Petticoat socks, I managed to get them away from Chief and wore them today. The little jog on the right cuff is on account of a clothespin mark while drying.

I am starting back to working on my Kevat lace shawl. I have a really nifty gadget from knit picks that makes working with charts a breeze. It’s like a chart easel with magnets to hold everything in place. An X-mas prezzie from Mr. Larj along with my swift that I absolutely love. No swearing while winding my new stash! I am also contemplating starting in on a pair of the Fiber Trends felted clogs. My die hard favorite fleece slippers have about bit the dust.

Thanks to all who read my blog and comment on my knitty rants. Here’s to another year of knitting and the camaraderie of fellow knitters that keeps me connected to all of you by a strand of yarn.


19 thoughts on “My First Blogoversary!

  1. Happy Blogoversary!! WooHoo!!!I just love those socks!We hit a sale at one of our LYS, it wasn’t quite as exciting as yours sounded however we did manage 10 hanks of a lovely wool/silk blend for a vest for Deb. Ya, i wonder when the hell i’ll get that thing started?!!! LOL!!I have the KnitPicks chart thingy too, it’s Fab! And i’m loving my Options Dpn’s!!~Suz~

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!Thanks for the kick in the right direction. I already was in process with my order from Knit Picks and decided to bite the bullet with the magnetic board. I’m hoping it will help me keep better track of the 99 (or so it seems) charts from the Peacock shawl. I’m also springing for the blocking wires in anticipation of completion of said 99 charts. Wish me luck!

  3. Happy blogiversary!!!!! I just got my magnetic chart easel on Friday, and already love it! It’s one of those things that I wonder why I never bought before!

  4. Congrats on the blogoversary! Glad you treated yourself. :-)I love how you matched up the stipes so well on your socks. Very pleasing to the eye. Where did you find that Finnish blog? Cool patterns.

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