Rrrruffles have Rrrridges

I finally finished the Ruffles scarf from the “Scarf Style” book. I think it turned out really well and should be pretty versatile for wearing. I have it wrapped once and tied in front. I used Patons SWS yarn a soy wool blend that comes in a lot of really cool colors. I think I used two or three skeins. Next on my hit list to become a FO is my Kevat shawlette. I made a little progress on it last week and I am about to tackle it again as soon as I finish this post. What to make next? I probably should start my Fiber Trend felted clogs but there are always scarves calling out to me like fiber sirens “make me”…. I also did a little yarn recycling this last week. I took a perfectly hideous and ill fitting early 90’s sweater that was made out of a perfectly good variegated mohair wool blend and unraveled the entire thing. Did I say mohair? Took some time and patience but the hard work paid off in about 800 yards of perfectly re-usable wool. I am contemplating reincarnating this fiber into a “Cozy” wrap. Off to hit the needles and hopefully I’ll be posting another FO soon!


15 thoughts on “Rrrruffles have Rrrridges

  1. Oh, my word, scared the willies out of me too!! VBery nice ruffles scarf. Looks beautiful.Unravelling a mohair jumper??? You must be very patient!!!

  2. That looks great! I’ve been looking for SWS but haven’t been able to find any. Now that I see your FO, I figure I haven’t been looking hard enough.

  3. What a great looking scarf, well done.Sounds like you are doing a lot of knitting at the moment, it is too hot here at the moment so my knitting is progressing very slowly 😉

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