Emergency Knitting

I am still here. It’s been a strange and hectic month. As most of you know the weather in this part of the Midwest has been mighty chilly. Last week when I was off sick with some unforgiving viral stomach ailment, I decided that I needed a pair of emergency leg warmers. I found some Lion Brand “Landscapes” on sale at Meijer for $1.97 a skein. I couldn’t pass it up. Cheap, some wool content and bulky enough to be a quick knit. I cast 28 stitches on to my 36″ size 13 circular needles, did a 2×2 rib using magic loop technique until they were long enough and cast off. Not only are my legs nice and warm when I am marching across the “back 40” lot at work but I also now have the ability to levitate. I know….who’d have thought that leg warmers could be so magical!

The emergency knitting continues; on the needles right now are a basic pair of mittens using Cascade 220. You’d have thought that I would have seen this cold snap coming but given our very mild December and most of January I just couldn’t get into the knitting for extreme weather mode. Next a rib hat using this pattern and some heather grey Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

As for non knitting news, Mr. Larj and I enjoyed a rare evening out with some friends at the Dirty Show. It’s an annual showing of erotic art held in Detroit at various galleries. This year it’s at Bert’s Warehouse Theater in the Eastern Market area. As usual the show didn’t disappoint. The artwork was really outstanding this year and the stage show was excellent. One of the featured artists this year is H. R. Giger, you may recognize his work from the “Alien” movies. It will be running for the rest of this weekend and again on Valentines day. So break out your naughty knits and check it out!

We are also now starting in on the kitchen O’ skank renovation. You may recall the recently finished Bathroom O’ Skank, well, our same contractor is now starting in on our incredibly outdated kitchen /dining room. There will be new paint, additional cabinets, light fixtures, a ceramic tile floor, folding doors, counter tops, appliances, tile back splash, and of course a kitchen sink. Before and after pics soon!


13 thoughts on “Emergency Knitting

  1. Lovely leg warmers for your lovely legs! I was beginning to think perhaps you had dropped off the face of the earth, or at least fallen and been frozen. Like 2paw, I too had legwarmers as a youngster, mine were maroon. The exhibition looks, um, interesting! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Love the leg warmers. I’ve been thinking I need some too, so I can wear my sassy shoes at work but not freeze in the process. I’ll have to whip something up soon with all this snow we’re expecting.

  3. Wow, I just love your legwarmers! They turned out splendid for emergency knitting. I’ve been thinking about knitting some for quite some time now. They would just be so handy when I wore skirts. I’ve been wearing leggings, but that’s just not near enough when it’s 10 outside. That show looks fabulous. If I lived anywhere near Detroit, I’d be heading that way. Coolio!

  4. Welcome back to us! You’ve been missed.Wow! Lots going on over there at Casa De Larj! 😉 I know exactly what you mean about knitting for the colder weather, it just really seemed like a foolish thing to be doing for so long, but i’m glad i got my mittens done and the several pair of fetching…they’ve all been very handy!Cute leg warmers!!~Suz~

  5. Great leg warmers! I’m so sorry you were sick, there seems to be a lot of that going on lately – nasty time of year makes one look forward to Spring allergies! lol

  6. I have been AWOL too, for entirely different reasons though, so you are not alone.I had blue leg warmers that I wore over my ankle zipped jeans in the ’80’s but yours are a lot nicer.

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