Blogging and Clogging

As promised I am trying to post more often about my current projects. Here’s my first Fiber Trend unfelted clog. What a fun pattern (so far). It looks absolutely huge, but we all know the magic of felting will make it a perfect 9.5 for my feet.

I also am pretty sure that I have gotten the hang of continental knitting. After my last post I was going to “set it aside” and think of it as a semi-failed experiment. However…my stubborn Irish nature got the best of me and I just couldn’t let go of it that easily. I did what I should have done in the first place which is to go to Knitting Help and watch the video carefully and follow exactly how the yarn was being held to get the desired tension. Well lo and behold I tried it and I think I’ve got it! I’ll have to post a pic of my practice project a ribbed and stockinette hat in the round.

By the way…yes, that is my new kitchen floor that my soon to be finished clog is resting on.


5 thoughts on “Blogging and Clogging

  1. I’m going to do those …. when I catch up on some stuff. :)Nice looking feet you have there, don’t scratch your new floor. LOL

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