A Finished Clog/Dog

Ta Da!! One down and one to go. I liked making this pattern except for the very last part of joining the outer sole and seaming, I found it to be a little hair raising but maybe the next one will be a little easier. There was a little frogging but over all a smooth knit for a first time project. I hope the felting goes well, I tried to keep my seaming and back stitching loose but I am not a seamstress by any stretch.
As for the finished dog, he looks pooped doesn’t he? I think that this lovely rain/sleet/snow combo of weather has gotten to all of us of late. This time of year my motivation level tends to drop down to the “eh I’ll do it later, much later” phase. Off to start #2!


9 thoughts on “A Finished Clog/Dog

  1. I just borrowed a book from the Library on felting and it has some felted slipper things. I might have to make some now you are so ‘doggedly’ inspiring me. I’ll have to wait till it’s cool enough though!!

  2. Looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished pair.I feel the same as your doggie, drained. Getting and staying motivated with weather like this is so hard.S.

  3. I hear ya on the weather doing a number at this time of year! Thoughts of spring and warmth are all that keep me going! The clog is great as is the dog 🙂 Love those furry friends!

  4. These are in my queue of projects, it’s nice to see your progress. I am leary about the sole seaming too, but I’ll have to get over it I guess. Nice job!

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