FO FO a Clogging I Will Go

Ta Da! Does this count as one FO or two? In any event they are completed and drying. I did my felting this AM. I forgot to get a pic of the pair of them in their unfelted state as I was hot to get them in the washing machine.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have so many projects on my to do list that I don’t know what to start next. I’m contemplating a moebius cowl using a technique that I saw Cat Bordhi demostrate on Knitty Gritty, also a cable lace scarf in a deep dark red.

Yes, that is my new counter top, part of my new stove and my new tile back splash that was grouted just this morning. NO that Colgate green is NOT my wall color, actually it’ll be more of a sage green color.

Now for something really different;

This work is by bio-artist Laura Splan

Blood Scarf depicts a scarf knit out of clear vinyl tubing. An intravenous device emerging out of the user’s hand fills the scarf with blood. The implied narrative is a paradoxical one in which the device keeps the user warm with their blood while at the same time draining their blood drip by drip.

Personally, I think I’ll stick to wool although the concept in itself is intriguing.


12 thoughts on “FO FO a Clogging I Will Go

  1. Eeeewww a blood scarf?? Lovely clogs, they look fantastic!! I made a moebius cowl last year, it was a lot of fun, tricky at first and then it played with my mind the whole time!!

  2. I know how you feel with too many projects to knit. A few weeks ago I made a spreadsheet of all the projects I wanted to make and those I had already purchase the yarn for. I had more than 20 that I already have the yarn for and more than 40 projects on the list. I guess I had better get knitting. I just finished two projects this weekend. So I guess that is a start.

  3. Nice job on the clogs. I’m going to repeat what Kristi asked, what yarn did you use? I love their fuzzy look!Umm, and what’s the point of keeping yourself warm as the blood drains OUT of you? Can’t they just leave it in and you’d stay warm that way? Just saying is all…

  4. I’m usually a pretty open-minded person, but I have to say that just made me sick. (The Blood Scarf, not your clogs.) I mean, what happens if that scarf snags on something *blech*…

  5. To all who inquired…I used Lambs Pride worsted double stranded throughout. I guess working at a hospital has dulled my reactions to bodily fluids, blood is one of the least offensive “products” that I encounter in a day. ……….trust me.

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