Harlot How Late?

Today was the big day when the Yarn Harlot came to Ann Arbor to speak and sign books. She was scheduled to begin speaking at 2:00, I got there about one. I pulled up to the library, got a prime parking spot it was all good so far. When I got through the doors I saw a fellow knitter Jo-Fran from our Tuesday night group. She informed me that the Harlot had been delayed and wouldn’t be there until about 4:30. Which sucked for me but sucked a whole lot more for the other knitters that had been there since about 11. What to do? A knitter who knew the area steered some of us to a local yarn shop that was open for business. I killed some time there but didn’t buy anything. What next…hmmm food of course. When in doubt eat. I went to the Fleetwood diner and had a delicious tempeh on pita sandwich and sat outside to eat and enjoy the lovely weather.

Afterwards I took a little stroll around downtown Ann Arbor to take in the sights, see if anything was new since I’d been there last. While walking I happened upon a couple of lovely fairies who graciously agreed to a photo. You have to be very cautious and quiet around fairies as they are quite skittish and besides, the one on the left looks like she could kick my a**.

I returned to the library and hooked up with Dana who informed me that some fellow knitter bloggers were with her in the main room in the basement. I ended up in the “overflow” room since I arrived later. Here’s part of the group, Amanda, Amby and wearing her lovely red “Tempting” sweater; Dana.

Kristi from Red Dog Knits engrossed in a sock and wearing some lovely earrings. (shameless plug)

While waiting in line to get my book signed a knitter dude sat down to try on his sock that he was working on 2 circs. Almost finished! I was so impressed to see a knitter dude in action I had to get a snap of this rare sighting.
Really you’d think more straight guys would get in to the art of knitting. What better way to impress the gals and have little or no competition for their attention.

As for what I worked on during our wait? I started another “at work” sock since I finished the mixed up crazy socks, all but weaving in the ends. This is my basic tried and true fits your leg pattern. I think that I finally nailed the picot cuff. I knit five rows, worked the next row in k2 tog, yo, and then knit six rows. I folded the cuff but here’s where I work it a little differently. Most picot cuff patterns call for the edge stitch and the live stitch to be knitted together. I pick up a stitch on the edge pass it to the left needle and then knit it together with the live stitch. I think its a little easier to do and the cuff turns perfectly. The yarn is Opal sock yarn from my never ending sock yarn stash. I think it’s been languishing in the stash cabinet for about three years. Oh and BTW…I am trying to knit this pair of socks continental style. So far so good, a little awkward but I really want to get this technique down pat. I think that both styles of knitting have their applications and advantages so I would at least like to have the option.

As for other going’s on, I am almost finished with the cable lace scarf. I don’t want to make it too long as I plan to finish it with a “Lady E” style fringe, perhaps with some beads. I peek in on the Kevat shawl every now and again, yup, it’s still there. The kitchen is still progressing, actually I think the project is evolving and spreading out to other parts of the house. Sadly tomorrow is the last day of my “lime”, back to work on Tuesday. I’m sure it won’t take me long to get the “thousand yard stare” back.


15 thoughts on “Harlot How Late?

  1. ok, so that pic of the blogger girls? a friend and were on the floor just down to the right. πŸ˜€ i was surfing some of the detroit knitting blogs since i talked to a couple of you and found out that’s where you all came from and remembered them introducing you. hi! :o) my blog is skeinsandbeans.com πŸ™‚

  2. Wow what a great day. I wish I could get to see some knitting celebs, but not too many in my part of down under. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the red scarf. What a beautiful pattern.

  3. Great day! I wish I could see the Harlot when she comes our way in May, but I can’t afford it right now. Maybe those two faeries you met could put in a good word for me with the job fairy?

  4. Dana deserves serious props for finding you…the day wouldn’t have been complete without meeting you in person, especially since I had to skedaddle right after getting my wheel signed!Oh, and by the way…I bet you look even HOTTER at 6am with no coffee! πŸ˜‰

  5. I have to agree. It’s always seemed strange that guys who want to meet chicks don’t 1) take up hobbies primarily dominated by babes, 2) read Cosmo (at least skim it – it’s like the enemies playbook!) and 3) TALK to them! I knew this really good looking guy who always complained about how the hot babes were always with creepy dudes. “You know why?” I asked. “Because the dude talked to them. Simple!”

  6. I was there, too! Dunno if you remember the pair of girls with the matching t-shirts on the floor near the stage (I recall hearing a bunch of ladies referring to you as LarjMarj). I was the knitter in the pink t-shirt, btw. Thanks for the comment on my blog!Stephaniewhatchamakin.blogspot.com

  7. The poor Harlot ad her wonderful waiting fans. What a day, eh? Read about it from Steph’s view on her blog and omg, OY!So glad you were able to hang, see her and have a great day.Were the fairies looking around Ann Arbor for all of the Fairy Doors? I’ve seen some of them!

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