Hoping for Snow?

As of last night the cable lace scarf/wrap thingy is finished!! Here it is hanging over the back of the chair in it’s unblocked state. It was a quick knit with few glitches. I did mess up my count of the crochet edge a little but hey it was late and “Lost” was on with mmmm…………Sawyer.

Ok, I’m back from my little Sawyer moment. To the left we have a fine example of my crappy blocking skills. I don’t know if there is a trick to it but the only space that I have is the basement on the thick carpeting in the “TV area”. It seems that I get one area pinned and then another spot starts to shift and pull out. Oh well, it’s about as straight as it’s going to be although I am sure that I will be going down there after I post to shift a few pins around. I used my blocking wires on the straight edge as it’s stockinette and wants to curl up. I hope that blocking will eliminate this problem.

I am also hoping that we’ll have if not snow at least a little chilly weather so that I can squeeze a couple of wearings in before I have to pack up all my woolies. Today was absolutely frigid here. I could have used a heavier scarf and possibly even my mittens since I ended up parking in BFE at work today. That trek across the parking lot can be pretty unpleasant. Now the plan is to finish up the Kevat shawl and depending on how soon spring hits us either the Argosy scarf from Knitty or socks in some sort of lacy cuff pattern.


10 thoughts on “Hoping for Snow?

  1. I am a blocking novice. In fact, I have never blocked anything properly and tend to head for the iron! Your red scarf looks so nice. What colour/yarn are you using for argosy?

  2. GORGEOUS! Blocking rules? I don’t think there are any really – straight as you can get and besides it will be wrapped around your neck…who will even know it’s straight except you? Curious to see your Argosy..I’m on the fence with that one.

  3. For my planned Argosy, I’m using some silk garden with lime green grey and turquoise colors. I hear that it’s a quick knit and I like the geometric look.

  4. Wow that looks fantastic and you can have our snow! I’m praying for warm, sunny weather for a change as it is only 21 degrees here today! brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. Since it’s Michigan, it may even be possible for you to wear it a few times thru the summer. Looks gorgeous!Hey, I just checked out your Etsy shop. Nice stuff. If the purple and silver earrings are still available when I get back from vacay, I’m SOOOO buying them! I’m a purple girl!!

  6. I think it looks great! I am also thinking about Argosy…. I have some Bamboo that might just work.Hope it warms up there soon – we just got snow here in Texas! Go figure!

  7. Your blocking looks pretty good to me and I must admit that us Aussies are shameless blockers we tend to iron our knitted goodies into submission, I kid you not!!

  8. Lovely! I am going to attempt my first lace project SOON! I don’t know where I will have a place big enough to block it out in our tiny house!Oh, and I can totally relate to your Sawyer moment!

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