Wrap Pr0n

Have you ever wondered what to wear under something lacy to really show it off?
Finally the Cable Lace wrap is blocked and wearable. I am more than happy with the size and length.
It’s still cool enough to get a couple of wearings out of it before it’s time to pack in the woolies

I was feeling a little domestic this week so I decided to try something new. This is how I made Silk Tie Easter Eggs. First, get some old silk ties from the thrift store. Use a seam ripper to make them in to one flat piece of cloth. Also some cotton cloth, I used some old pillow cases

Cut the tie into a piece large enough to wrap around the egg, same with the cotton cloth.

Wrap the silk around the egg with the with the “right” side on the egg’s surface tucking in top and bottom. Then bring the cotton fabric up from all four corners to wrap around the egg.

Secure the top with a twist tie or piece of wire. Put your eggs in a glass or enameled pot with enough water to cover and 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar. Bring to a boil then simmer 25 or 30 minutes.

Viola!! fun and funky eggs with lots of color. I did learn that the more dark and shiny fabric seems to give better color than the matte or lighter fabric.

Happy Easter Everyone~


24 thoughts on “Wrap Pr0n

  1. I really love the pale egg. It’s gorgeous!Deb sat down next to me while i was reading your blog, you should have seen her eyes pop out of her head at you in your shawl. 😉 Nice photo!

  2. Well my master’s thesis might get a little jealous considering I’m completing my degree in May! I want big brains, not big butts.Re: scarf, it just knitted up that way, it was a really cheap-o TLC acrylic too.I also must say how exiciting it is to know that I have a reader!! So excited I could just poop.

  3. Wow those are awesome eggs!!! Your wrap is lovely! I’ve worn my shawls with just a little layering tank underneath and with a skirt and sandals. I like the way it looked. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some more more mileage out of it.

  4. You’re such the crafty girl. I’ll be sure to try the silk tie eggs for next year-gotta keep the kidlings interested.Beautiful wrap, I’m sure it felt awesome!

  5. Wow..that wrap is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That’s cool that you remembered me! We’d done so much driving that day that I was pretty comatose. I barely remember the library!!!I’m working on a lace cable wrap, too…different pattern though, for my mom. I don’t think she’ll model it for me like that (grin)With the Easter eggs…will it work in a stainless steel pan? (I’d understand that aluminum, etc. would be reactive).

  6. I’m not sure about stainless steel. The directions on “Martha” were specific to enamel or glass so that’s what I stuck with. I don’t see why you couldn’t try it and see. It really was a lot easier to do than I thought. Also I gave the eggs a light coating of vegetable oil to give them a little shine.

  7. Lovely photo of your wrap. The red fits your coloring to a “T”. So, the dye transfers to the egg. How very clever. And yes, the metal would spoil the transfer. Metal usually does strange things and all stainless is not created equal, as I found out. Some, the better stuff, is not attracted to magnets. Those eggs are so beautiful…

  8. Marj, the wrap is LOVELY.I've not done anything with Easter eggs in over a decade. Usually we buy some jelly beans and order pizza. This, however, I may just have to try! When is Easter, anyway?

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