Picot a Go-Go

I love the way a picot edge adds interest to socks knitted with self striping or self patterning yarn. This is my first attempt at a tutorial ! I feel that this way is a little easier and less hair raising as far as how join the cuff and the asymmetry of the knit rows creates a nice crisp edge.

Ta Da…cuff is joined. The next row after the join can feel a little loose so give each stitch a little extra tug when knitting across. After that continue with the cuff as usual.
Everyone have a great week!


26 thoughts on “Picot a Go-Go

  1. Should have been with next stitch on the LEFT needle for the k2 tog instructions in the second to bottom picture. Oh well it was late and blogger kept eating my post.

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! I once tried such a picot edge following a german tutorial but failed miserably – I’ll so definitely try out yours now and, from what I realized with reading through it, I’m sure it’ll work! Thank you!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love Picot edges, but ever since I spent way more time hemming Samantha than I spent knitting it, I’ve dreaded picot edgings more than anything. This looks like it’ll take far less time and result in a reduction in swear words.

  4. My picot edge is beautiful, thanks to your technique. I can’t tell you how I struggled with this edge before I found your tutorial. Thanks again for taking the time to post such an informative tutorial.

  5. I’ve never done such an edge. I’m attempting a baby bonnet that calls for this edging using a provisional cast on. Do you think this tech. will work?

  6. Dianne, as Blogger doesn’t allow email replies, I hope you come back to read this. I believe that this technique would work perfectly in fact I used it to avoid doing a provisional cast on. Hope it works out for you, Marj

  7. I did a dress top down in the round. At the bottom of the dress I did the eyelet row then 5 more rows of stockinette. Then I bound off. Then I turned up the hem and sewed it to the bound off edge. It a nice picot hem except the hem wants to flip up. Any suggestions?

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