Mother’s Day Monday and Other Stuff

Today was Mother’s day for Mom Larj or as she’s know by my peers, Maude.

As per her request I completed the lavendery purple socks which of course she loved. I used the Shetland Lace Rib pattern and only did the lace on the cuffs. I sort of fudged the pattern to make it my own once I got to the heep flap and foot. I used Wildefoote sock yarn from the Brown Sheep company. The same folks who bring you Lamb’s Pride.

Look at those gams!

Of course I also took the Grandoggie for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa. My dad especially enjoys Chief’s visits, he really likes having canine hugs.

As for what I have been working on knit wise. I am working on the Tidal Wave Socks using Tofutsies so generously gifted to me by Amy. and I am working on my variation of the Cowgirl Slipper Sock from Interweave Knits using Cascade fixation, again tweaking the pattern by using a size four needle and adding extra length at the end of the pattern rows.

This is my new knitting accessory that I found on Etsy! A super cute little bag with a funky vintage pattern and a aqua green lining. The zipper pull has a stitch marker on it and the bag itself has a little grommet on the side so that you can pull yarn through the hole to work on your project. There’s also a pocket on the inside and an elastic band to hold needles or whatever. So props to Piddleloop!

Everyone have a great week, I am now going to attempt to clean my house…….stop snickering…….Marj


14 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Monday and Other Stuff

  1. Look at Chief soaking up all that attention!! Lovely socks everywhere,and Betty Gable legs really!! I think a little pattern adaptation is a good thing. Re Sea Monkeys: none were ever forthcoming at home as you had to send from Australia to the USA. However, when I was teaching, we often grew sea monkeys!! What fun!! Reliving a lost childhood fantasy!!!

  2. Hey, that’s one cool bag! Love your Mom’s socks.I do’nt have an email for you so i’m answering your question about my Mom’s socks here. LOLI used the Harry Potter “Horcrux” sock pattern from Susan Pierce Lawrence. She has a free pdf of a worsted weight version on her blog. The one i used for the sport wieght yarn is the one she did for the “Six Sock” KAL group on Yahoo.It’s a really easy and quick attern, i think. I’m on pairs two and three of that pattern now.

  3. Hey, if you ever make a pair of continuous hoop earrings, I’ll buy them. I love silver hoops, but I like the full circle so they don’t catch on my hair. I’m still eyeballing the silver leaf earrings too. Someday….

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