Tagged, 7 Random Facts

Well it finally happened, I got tagged for one of those listy things.

Here goes…

7 Random Facts about Larjmarj

1. The Name…Larjmarj, where does it come from? First and foremost, from “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”. Possibly the finest road movie ever made. Also my nickname at work bestowed on me by some of my much younger co-workers.

2. I lived on the Island of St. Croix in the Caribbean for five years. Had the privilege of experiencing a level 5 hurricane up close and personal including post storm lawlessness and mayhem and subsequent evacuation.

3. I have held over 20 different jobs in my life including, hairdresser, cake decorator, apartment manager, welder, deli clerk, sales, dental lab technician etc…etc…

4. I was introduced to my husband by my ex-SO who set us up on a blind date. The rest as they say is history.

5. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 25 years old. I had an irrational fear of getting behind the wheel. My brother finally taught me when I made a deal with him to help milk his 40 dairy cows twice a day for a week (from 12 noon till 2 PM then again from midnight till 2 AM) after he’d had a hernia surgery.

6. I identify my beliefs as an agnostic Buddhist.

7. I am for the most part a vegetarian but I still eat fish and shell fish and I will eat ANY kind including , sushi and oysters raw and cooked.

So…whom shall I tag?


Stray Cat

Short N Crafty Sista

I Heart Knitting

The Scattered Gemini

Some Knitting Required

2 Paw



10 thoughts on “Tagged, 7 Random Facts

  1. I love sushi and, strangely, we have some excellent Japanese restaurants here. Who’d guess?? Run by dinki-di Japanese chefs too!! I hated learning to drive. I believed I would never learn. I used to lie awake feeling sick when I had to drive to college each day!! Amazingly, no-one had tagged me for this, I thought I had escaped!! I will try to get the list of weird things about me down to just 7!!!

  2. I have written my draft. It is complete. I will post it when the newest post dies down. Thanks for the tag. I enjoy reading about others and hope than my post enlightens people about me.

  3. Something else we have in common . . . I was a cake decorator too! Sorry I tagged you, but I’m glad for the seven facts 🙂 I am going to watch Pee Wee for the first time with the kids this weekend . . . woo-hoo!

  4. Sushi is my favourite thing in the world and one of the places I’d love to live is the Caribbean (the other is Morocco). #4 is interesting – it brought a huge smile to my face :)Black Dog Knits

  5. I found the link to your blog on bN and looked you up, intrigued by your comments and love of knitting. Nice to see another agnostic Buddhist. I liked the concept of 7 random facts. :)I just learned how to knit last year. I’ve been knitting hats for the farmers I am interviewing for work. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. But your socks are amazing! Very impressive. Maybe someday…-jin verde

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