Summer Sox

I know most people probably don’t think of hand knit socks and summer as going together but I really like Cascade Fixation for nice cotton stretchy summer socks. Here’s a pair that I finished yesterday using a modified pattern for the Buffalo Slipper Socks from Interweave Knits. I used Cascade Fixation and Addi Turbo size four needles, cast on 44 stitches and worked the pattern with an added 1″ of stockinette after the pattern rows. I am now working on another pair in “Rasta” colors with picot cuff, casting on 44 stitches with the Addi 4’s.
I’m off to take a shower and wash the day’s rudeness off of me. I seemed to encounter more than my legal limit of A-holes today. Or maybe I’m just in a menopausal and hypersensitive mode. I understand that my patients are older but when they make crass comments when all I am trying to do is help them to be a little more independent, it still stings. Oh the joys of being a COTA.


20 thoughts on “Summer Sox

  1. Sorry that the A-holes got you down. I wear hand knit socks all year round. I have some wool/nylon blends that are good when there’s just a bit of a chill and all of the others make there way along on camping trips. Sometimes it’s down right cold!

  2. Here we all knit socks in Summer: it is too hot to knit anything else!! Your socks are so beautful in all their lovely greenness!! Hope you have a btter day at work tomorrow.

  3. Damn, I want to plant one of those trees right outside work! It would go so nicely with my “F*ck y’all, I’m going home!” maxim!

  4. Those socks ARE adorable…I too love fixation for summer socks; though my night time cold feet keep me in my warm woolies most of the summer too. I’ll have to look up that pattern!

  5. Hand knit socks can make all the a-holes disappear! I love your socks. Before I learned the joys of handknit socks, I never wore socks at all! Now, I wear them all year long. (hand knit only!)

  6. I just ordered some Cascade Fixation, and I am very glad to hear they will make great summer socks. I am currently focused on knitting some summer socks right now. It just seems crazy to me to be knitting wool socks when I won’t be able to wear them until fall or winter.

  7. My mum always knit dad’s socks during the summer months – and now, I do too! That’s what summer is for, no? Your socks are lovely. I was looking for an anklet pattern – I guess I’ll just have to copy you now. :)Hope you feel better soon. xNora

  8. Beautiful socks!!I know what you mean about some seniors. My decreased MIL used to very snide. I once told her that despite her unhappiness, there is no excuse for nastiness.Angelika (I also sell Fixation, so love seeing projects out of it!)

  9. You’re knitting the most gorgeous socks! This pair looks so awesome too – seems to be the perfect yarn, it looks every bit as good and cool as you describe it – and the color is sheer yummyness!I’m so sorry that you got to encounter such a bunch of nutheads lately – hey, smash a bit of Rammstein into your ears and you’ll see, everything will be good 😉 Tried and true!

  10. Hi,tks for nice comments on my first pairs of knitted socks in Knitter’s Review. Yes, i m sick – having socks fever !I love your Summer Sox very much, my fav colour. Love the pattern too.

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