Irie socks

What is Irie? It means it’s all good.

Again, more summer socks with Cascade Fixation, size 4 needle magic loop. Cast on 44 stitches, picot cuff and work it from there. I just measure and play by ear when I’m making basic stockinette socks.

Speaking of summer, it sure felt like it today, 92 degrees and it’s just coming into June. I hope this isn’t a preview of what the rest of the summer is going to be like. I’m already watering the heck out of my garden.

Everyone have a great week and try to stay cool!


12 thoughts on “Irie socks

  1. Winter’s here: snow on the mountain in Hobart!! Great socks. I don’t even measure, I just count rows and cross my fingers. I have small feet!! The colours are great!!

  2. What great summer colors! Love the socks! I am hanging my head in shame, as I haven’t had the time with all the graudation preparations to knit much at all! Soon I hope

  3. Summer socks are great…I’m loving Panda Cotton right now…thinner than Fixation and, for me at least, easier to knit with cuz it’s not so stretchy.Yes…there are forks in the knitting machine…they’re heel weights actually…the tines are curled into hooks and a hole was drilled in the end of the handle from which was attached a fishing weight. Sock knitting machines are all about weights…

  4. Trying to “stay cool” really hard in Michigan now a days…..(damn you global warming!)Oh I just wanted to let you know that I linked ya at my blog. I’ve been meaning too….I have a tendency to forget while my kids are doing some sort of tribal dance around the computer:)Its up there now!!!!

  5. Yeah, these socks are certainly irie, man! 😉 I got my share of irie-ness when I’ve been to glorious Jamaica, and ever since I’m looking for more irieness in my life – hard to find in our stressed and fast Western countries, but mind you, we all need a bit more irieness in our lifes! ;)Anyhoo, your socks look awesome, these colors are so happy and cheerful, reminding me of Reggae and everything that’s good! And I’m totally jealous to read about your temperatures – here it’s been raining since God-knows-how-long and it’s getting so frustrating! Hope it doesn’t get too hot for you and your plants though!

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