Muy Bien!

Way back in October, Kristi from Red Dog Knits started the “Day of the Dead” knit along. I should have known better than to conjure up the spirit of my Grandma Alta….the ultimate procrastinator. She truly made putting things off an art form, which included throwing things out and apparently extended to knitted items. My mother told me she never finished anything just made endless swatches. Well I’ve gotten a little past that but, it was only last night (morning?) at 1 AM that I finished my October knit along project. I give you the unblocked version of the Kevat Shawl. Tonight…let the blocking begin!

Of course I am still cranking away on the endless parade of cascade fixation socks, my latest effort with a mini-cable pattern on the cuff in some lovely pastely blues and greens. Oh and look what came in the mail the other day! Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. I don’t know about the rest of you but I always have intentions of knitting for the warmer temps when it’s cold out and then preparing for winter woolies when it’s warmer. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it though. I find myself knitting summer socks mid to late summer and warmer socks and shawls mid-winter and early spring. Perhaps I’ve got more Alta genes than I think?
I will post the progress of the shawl blocking then perhaps a little more shawl pr0n? 😉


13 thoughts on “Muy Bien!

  1. You certainly are cranking out the Fixation socks, and more to come!! I am always amazed at what a shawl looks like when it is blocked. It is like a different thing!! It is a quandary, the what to knit in what season question. I do socks all the time but only socks in Summer, vests in Spring and Autumn and jumpers and cardis in Winter!!! The only trouble is they tend to hang over into the next season…..

  2. Your Grandma sounds like a woman after my own heart 😉 I absolutely adore that shawl you made in her memory, it looks awesome already in the unblocked version and mind you, I can’t wait to see the blocked one! Gorgeous colorway, so soft and warm and calm – yummy!And yay for the socks – looking good indeed!

  3. Love the shawls and the socks.You at least have finished the shawl!How have you been? I must email you and tell you about my neighbours progress.

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