Shawl Pr0n!

I can’t resist posting shawl prOn, and I know there are shawl voyeurs out there just waiting to catch a glimpse. Well here’s your fix, the finished, blocked and oh so wearable Kevat shawl. Using one skein of Schaefer “Anne” on size six needles. I had been working on and off on this since October and I am glad it’s finished! Not that I didn’t like the pattern it was a basic seven row repeat of nothing too fancy, but there are so many other projects waiting in the wings for the chance to become an infamous addition to my shawl prOn collection.

Speaking of Kevat did you know that it means “spring” in Finnish? and speaking of Finnish I happened to one of the winners of Hasbu’s random number contest last month. Today I meandered over to my mom’s house to check my mail and lo and behold I had a surprise package all the way from Finland. It contained TWO lovely skeins of silvery blue lace weight mohair, 50 grams/190 meters each! A chocolate bar that I intend to hide from Mr. Larj and a lovely post card with the four seasons of Finland pictured on the front. Sounds a little like Michigan, with our four seasons, cold, wet, hot, and allergy.

Also while checking the mail at mom Larj’s house there was another package, this one was from Etsy seller “urbangypz“, sock yarn dyer extraordinarie. She really does some great color combos and the yarn is oh so soft. She also included a cute beaded stitch marker!

So it was all in all a fiberlicious weekend. I am still plugging away on the Cascade Fixation sock. and did a couple of simple dish cloths out of necessity.

I think it’s time to settle in for the evening with a fine vodka martini and watch some cheesy late night TV. I think I am also going to have to tape my thumb with some Kinesiotape. Knitting with cotton is a little hard on the hands and my left thumb MCP is talking to me and I don’t want it to become a problem.

Everyone have a great week, my weekend is extended 2 more days!! Woo hoo! and neener neener to all of you that have to get up in the AM. 😉


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