Eeeek! A Moth!!

I saw a moth in my basement yesterday…needless to say I freaked out. This was right after reading this article regarding the nefarious critters. I caught the lil’ bugger and tried to determine whether it had the “tufted hairs” on his little moth head that are supposedly the identifying trait of clothes moths specifically. I could not determine with or without bifocals. It could have been nothing, as we all know not all moths are created equal. Most are pretty harmless. However that didn’t stop me from spending a better part of my day cleaning out my stash cabinet and vacuuming the hell out of everything. We had enough sun today so that I could lay everything out on the patio to air out and get a thorough inspection. The only really suspicious thing that I saw was a couple of gritty areas that looked like it had been home for a spider. Still I feel like it need to do something. I taped cotton with eucalyptus oil to the shelves, but I am considering doing the dry ice bombing. Has anyone tried this? How do you deal with the ever present threat to your precious stash?


5 thoughts on “Eeeek! A Moth!!

  1. “A couple of gritty areas that looked like it had been home for a spider…”EWWWWWWW!!!!!! I’m too scared to get close enough to spider-abodes to determine if they’re gritty or not. And if I’m handling a moth it’s usually just before I toss it to the Russells. I take no prisoners, buggy or otherwise, around here!!!!

  2. Truly, I don’t have a moth problem. At home we had silverfish that ate books, but we must have an anti-moth climate. I put my wool in plastic tubs that seal pretty tight but no moths. THAT moth scares the willies out of me though!!!

  3. Arghhh – I hate moths and I’d freak out considerably too if I’d found one here! I’m having little cotton bags with dried lavender in it lying around basically everywhere – in my closets as well as where I stash my yarn, and so far no moths… Knock on wood, and I hope yours will we gone very, very soon!

  4. I don’t care how many people say certain types of moths are harmless, they’re moths and therefore enemies of the knitter! They freak me out too.

  5. Awww but Mothra is a good moth and helps defend Japan agains evil monster invaders! Have no clue what a dry ice bomb is LOL. Hey, I love the new look by the way.

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