Will my Tank Tank?

I finished the Tofutsies socks as of yesterday. They are super soft and will go great with jeans. I used the “Tidal Wave” pattern from the SWTC website. It was easy to do and the pattern didn’t carry down on to the the foot. Sometimes I skip bringing the cuff stitch pattern all the way down since I primarily wear my socks at work and my feet are well covered.

You may have wondered…yes, my right foot is bigger than my left, by about a half + size. Makes shoe shopping fun and interesting.

My other project on the board is the “Cream Tea” tank from KnitNet. Thus far I have located only one other knitter that has made this tank. I found her through the Knitters Review message boards. I am assured by fellow knitters that it will be a breeze to make and will look fine when finished. The below pic shows how it is supposed to look when finished.

Believe it or not this is my first attempt at a garment. Why, you ask? The main reason being that I simply don’t really go anywhere to warrant wearing anything nice or even semi-nice. My job requires clothing to be able to withstand multiple launderings and be disposable on occasion. As for my social life, I don’t really have one other than knit night out where I am usually coming straight from work. Mr. Larj’s shedule prevents us from going anywhere or doing anything together. My one friend that I hang out with is single, she likes to “get there late and leave late” where these days I am more of a “get there early, leave early” person. As you can see there really hasn’t been a need to knit a garment. I am knitting this in hopes of being finished by my birthday next month so that maybe by some miracle I’ll actually get an evening out, an early evening.

As for non knitting news. I am in week 2 of the f@%king diet. I know scowls and comments of “you don’t need to loose any weight”, however, after my weigh in at my annual doctor visit and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I decided it was time to do something. What’s the diet? Cutting portions and stepping up the exercise, 10 to 15 minutes of simple calisthenics in the AM and walking the dog in the PM. Cutting my portions is the hard part because I love food! Yes, it’s making me a little cranky but I hope to look like a Twizzler rather than a tomato in my deep red Cream Tea next month.


13 thoughts on “Will my Tank Tank?

  1. The tank looks like a great top to wear. Fingers crossed for you!! I like the red but you don’t want to look like a saveloy, I agree!!! Good luck with the di*t!! Happy walking with the dog!!!

  2. Oh, poor you, I hear you on the diet! I’m like you here, it seems I won’t have to loose any weight, but I began to feel so uncomfortable in my own skin that I just have to loose a couple of pounds – and it sucks big time ;( If I think how easily weight is gained, why can’t it be shed as quickly? Anyhow, good luck to you, you’ll make it, I’m sure about that!Your socks look awesome as ever, what a gorgeous colorway! And my gosh, that tank! That tank! On my never ending search for “The perfect tank” this would be high up on the list! I so can’t wait to see your progress shots – and hey, I’m positive that you’ll get a good chance to wear it too!

  3. Eat lots of greens… -0- points according to Weight Watchers. It will fill ya up… Green M&M’s don’t count. I know what you mean though. It’s important how YOU feel in your own skin. You’re the only one wearing it.

  4. I don’t think I’ve felt good in my skin for the last 6 years! I need to jump on the cranky but thinner band wagon. Are you gals still meeting at the coffee shop? I need times and directions:)

  5. Oh I love that little top you made. Everyone should have a few really nice things. Good luck in your other knitting adventures, the tuffytoes socks are very sweet, too. Oh ugh.. diet.. I’m on one and wish you best wishes on yours, too. 🙂

  6. The tank will look great on you. It’s the same red color as a glittery red dress I bought, not because I go out a lot, but because buying that dress is more likely to make me find an occasion to wear it. So: knit on. The occasion for wearing it will present itself.

  7. “Look like a twizzler”–what a way to put it! I know what you mean about knitting garments (as opposed to socks)–I never seem to be able to convince myself to do it for me….your tank looks great, though, and I say, wear it to the grocery store!

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