Almost There…….

Kind of a late post for me but I HAD to post the two finished halves of my tank. They are on top of the freezer blocking away. I am probably going to seek out some technical help from Betty at the Yarn Tree to assist with assembly since I have never put a seam together before. This picture also shows more of the true color of the yarn. More of a deep red. As for other news.. I absolutely LOVE my little iPod. I thought that it would be a cool little gadget to have but, I think that it’s become a permanent part of me. Now I can completely tune out at lunch and knit to my favorite tunes. Knitterpalooza this next weekend…cant WAIT!!


10 thoughts on “Almost There…….

  1. I knew you’d love the iPod. You know how much I love mine. I never leave home without it.The tank is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it, live and in person.Knittapolloza, Yeah Baby!! Can’t wait. So glad you’re going.See you Tuesday? Hope so!

  2. Cooties almost gone!! As is GWB!!! It is nice to know he is not representative of the US!!!Love your top, how exciting. It looks so wonderful, you’ll have to mattress stitch the seams, it is very undetectable!! I have never even held an iPod. I am waaaay behind the iPod times, but everyone I know who has one loves it just like you!!! I think everything at our house is subtly psychadelic!!!!!!!

  3. Seams are your friends–just keep repeating that. They have inexpensive speakers for iPods, so you can really up the gadget love all over the house. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater, good luck!

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