Well here’s the finished T in it’s final blocking state. I tried it on before blocking and I have to say that I am undecided. it seems that the arm holes are too loose even with the crochet edging. One arm hole also seems looser than the other though I’m not sure why. Oh well if nothing else it was a learning experience. Not sure if I would go the garment route again. It was really kind of nerve wracking and I can’t say that I enjoyed knitting it. I guess I felt it was “time” for me to make something else, and I did………….


11 thoughts on “Undecided……….

  1. My vest’s armholes are like that, though when I wore it. no-one else could tell. Maybe I am skew-wiff???I think you should wear it and be proud!! See how you go.

  2. My first garment was a disaster, but I’ve since made some very wearable tops – don’t let this put you off, also 2paw is right, I’m sure no-one else would even notice the arms besides you.

  3. It’s a lovely colour and you did a good job for a first garment – my first sweater turned out HUGE – that was years ago and yes I did wear it! Wear yours with pride!!

  4. Hm – I think it’s so beautiful indeed! And I absolutely agree with 2paw – my armholes look like that basically all the time, but when I wear those garments, no one can tell! Don’t let that put you off!

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