New Ink

Well……’s my mid-life crisis and I’ll have it any damn way I please thank you. Here’s the latest addition to my tattoo gallery from Mr. Ed. He’s a really phenomenal artist at Royal Oak Tattoo. He also tatted fellow blogger Kat and did my repair/cover up on my first tat.

This is our version of a wisteria vine trailing down my left shoulder/arm. This was inspired by my grandmother. She had an area of her back yard called she called her “jungle”. There was an arbor that you walked through to get to an open area where there was a big wooden swing. The swing had a trellis on top where the wisteria vines would proliferate. It was a magical place that really fascinated me when I was little.

I even incorporated her name in to the larger leaf. Wisteria’s are typically monochromatic, Ed decided to use pink to offset the purple and give the flowers some depth. It wasn’t until I was driving home that I realized that pink was my grandma’s favorite color. It was as if she whispered in his ear and let him know that he needed to include a hint of pink to make it “hers”.

I also had Mr. Ed add a small blossom on to my forearm to signify the passing of all things living. It looks like it dropped off of the vine above it and has a little brown on the edge to show it’s wilting. Mr. Ed even added a “scar” on to the vine to show where it dropped from. The man has a thing for details.

Not much in the way of knitting content at this point, I am still working on the baby socks for my co-worker who is apparently still working on the baby! I thought for sure she would have had it by now, the poor girl is absolutely miserable. I hope she pops soon! I have a few things that I would like to start, actually about 20. 😉 You guys know how it is. I think it’s easier for me to plan out a tattoo than to decide what to knit next! Have a great weekend.


15 thoughts on “New Ink

  1. I love the tat – it is beautiful. The ppumpkin pancakes can be found in the fall and winter at the Original Pancake House. We go to the one on Woodward in Birmingham but there is also one on Mack in Grosse Pointe Woods.

  2. Girl, that’s awesome! I totally am into the reason people get tattoos and when there is meaning behind it like yours and mine, it makes them that much more beautiful. Mr. Ed is truly an amazing person and I’m really glad you knew him so I could find him. I can’t wait to get the money to do the vine around my shoulder. I have an idea but I’m going to have to sit down and have a consultation with him. Anyway, awesome tatt lady!

  3. Wow!!! I totally adore your new tattoo – it rocks big time! What a fantastic story goes along with it, and I’m really stunned by the beautiful colors and the details! Absolutely cool!!!

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