Head Banging Between Hot Flashes

I went out and saw these guys play last night!

The band is called Finntroll, they do a mix of Finnish polka music and Swedish black metal. It was LOUD…good thing I had my ear plugs. I love my metal with a twist, and….this is pretty twisted. Thank you Cyndi for a fun evening!

On the knitting front. Not a lot going on, just picking away at the Argosy scarf and some charity knitting (I can’t type that without laughing, some of you know why), that I am doing for the Red Scarf project. I took the day off today and I have been incredibly lazy other than shipping out some Etsy orders. I hope to post some new things in my store this weekend. Things are picking up. Planning on hitting the Sheep and Wool fest on Sunday. Not sure what time yet. Should be a nice weekend for it, hope you all have a good one.


4 thoughts on “Head Banging Between Hot Flashes

  1. Glad you had a great time, but truly, the clip reminds me of Eurovision!! It was a bit scary at the start so I pressed stop!!! I like Ben Lee, according to MrsDrWho he is a pretentious nerdy geek, but I told her I could hear all the words in his songs!!!

  2. Woah! Sh**, Finntroll totally blew me away now that I’ve been listening to/watching their video! I haven’t heard of them before, but man, what an awesome killer sound they’re doing!!! Like you, I love my Metal very hard and with a twist, and as Rammstein aren’t that twisted anymore ;), I’m in need of something good these days – and that’s what Finntroll are, awesome indeed! Woah! Thanks for the introduction – I’ll be heading on over to YouTube right away to search for more from them! Yeah baby, rock on!!!!

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