Sheep and Wool Fest

Boy it really has been a hectic week and weekend, it was good to take a relaxing drive out to the Mt. Bruce Station in Romeo for the Sheep and Wool Fest. It was a beautiful day for it. I met my friends Jim and Jacky for some shopping and lunch. Jacky is not a knitter but I think that she appreciates hand knits. Of course I found some wool to purchase, a BFL llama mix in a rich neutral brown, a cream color Shetland, and a lighter weight variegated handspun wool with browns and creams. Might be nice for a blog contest?

Here are some of the wools from Pond View Farms, one of my favorite sellers. Not only do they have really good quality wools in some really nice blends but Carol also makes licorice scented soap that makes my bathroom smell like Good n’ Plenty’s.

One of the highlights for me is seeing the sheep herding dogs in action. These dogs are really fixated on sheep! They can barely be contained when the sheep are let loose on the field. I managed to catch a little bit of it on video.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I still have one day left, nothing like a four day weekend and then next week is a four day work week!! I’ll take it when I can.


12 thoughts on “Sheep and Wool Fest

  1. Awww, this must have been such a lot of fun! I *so* wish we’d have something like that over here too, but alas, no such luck! Will have to come over to the US for some of them one day 😉 Cool video btw!

  2. Wasn’t it awesome? I must have missed ya. I was there Saturday and Sunday. I’ve had a cold and I ended up not buying the right amount of yarn so I had to go back the following day. I’m going to make a shawl with some of the Pond View Farms yarn – I bought the Grey Sheep Wool.

  3. Love the yarn – and there’s nothing like a sheep dog trial (we used to have a tv program/contest for that here in Tasmania – really – had a HUGE following!!!!)Glad you had a great weekend – probably barely makes up for the short ones!!

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