Printing Pressman for Hire

Well I am crapping my pants and trying not to have too many panic attacks. Mr Larj got in to a pissing match regarding THIS, with his boss and guess who won? That’s right NOT Mr. Larj. He’s now amongst Michigan’s many unemployed. He’s looking but nothing concretely promising yet. We are already starting to talk about worst case scenarios.

If anyone knows of a pressman position out there let me know!!! This could put a dent in my stash 😉


11 thoughts on “Printing Pressman for Hire

  1. EEEks! Boo for that Boss!Sorry to hear this flying wedgie has come out of nowhere upon you. not the stash.. Ohhhh nooooooo! Sell the front yard plant or something. Dig your own? Gosh I am sorry Marj. 😦

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