…..Honestly! get your minds out of the gutter. Ordinarily I keep my jewelry life separate from my knitting life. I always feel a little weird about self promotion. Today I’m going to show off a little with my new concept for a shawl pin. Most shawl pins are either the stick type that weave in and out or the circle style with a pin that pulls up the fabric and goes through.

I came up with an idea for a round pin that screws in. I made a prototype in copper and then did the finished piece in sterling silver. I added a few granulations in the center to make it a little interesting. Here I am modeling it in my lovely blue bathroom. It really holds very securely and well…..I think it looks pretty sweet.

Hope to have a couple of these in my Etsy store soon.

Better hit the hay…back to work tomorrow. One of these days I’ll get that Moebius Cowl started!

BTW…I’m on Ravelry now, look for me Larjmarj!


17 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. Gorgeous! I’ll have to save up and get one for Christmas.Yippie, Marj is on Ravelry! Has is sucked up most of your time yet? Or do you have more self control than I have?See you soon!

  2. That is beautiful. I’m going to be buying some stuff soon. I have to remind myself that these will be gifts……maybe… 😉 My stepsister will surely be inspired by you. She used to make jewerly and other stuff when she went to CCS.

  3. I was just at Stitches East, and there were tons of shawl pins for sale in the marketplace. Some of them were quite unique. But your pin definitely stands out from the crowd. It’s lovely. And welcome to Ravelry. It’s much fun.

  4. Sorry to hear about your husband’s job 😦 Hope things get straightened out real soon.And, that pin is GORGEOUS! I feel like an idiot, I didn’t know you made jewelry! I checked out the etsy shop and, wow, I’m very impressed!

  5. I think I may have to leave a hint for my hubby for christmas. It’s a gorgeous pin! And perfect for my shawls. I don’t like the ones that weave in and out as they stretch the knitting out of shape.

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