Crossing my Fingers

Keeping my fingers crossed for Mr. Larj. We are hoping that the contingent position that he’s been working at for the last few weeks will eventually turn in to full time. He’s had several of the employees ask him if he’s been offered full time yet. I would assume that this means that he’s a good fit and that they want him to stay on. I’m hopeful….

Had a really good time when my sister Gus was here. We hit some LYS’s and ate too much. It was nice having her here. I tried to talk her in to getting her own Etsy store for her felted bags. Not sure if she’s going to go for it. I think she’s a little intimidated by the process of setting up PayPal and posting her work online.

As for the knitting front, I have started a pair of garter rib socks from the Sensational Knitted Socks book using Opal Hundertwasser. I love the randomness of the colorway. I originally started with a busier pattern but it didn’t do the color changes justice so I simplified it and decided to use a garter rib pattern. Much better.

This is one of those rare weekends where I really don’t have a lot on my plate. I’m hoping to keep it that way. I need to catch up on a few things and update my Etsy shop, which has picked up lately. Last night my big accomplishments were cleaning the bathroom and bathing the dog. He no longer smells like a vacuum cleaner! I’m off tomorrow so more minor chores to catch up on but I think I can get some knitting in too, maybe even start a couple new projects as well.

Everyone, have a great week.


17 thoughts on “Crossing my Fingers

  1. Ha! Both of my dogs just smell like butt, and I’m not talking freshly showered butt either. Good for you for bathing yours! Good luck Mr. Larj, I’ll be pulling for ya!

  2. Crossing fingers over here for Mr. Larj. I’ve actually stopped looking. I have a job that I don’t like, but ….. you know… hmmm your Etsy shop is picking up? Wonder who’s buying all your stuff? Your dog is a cutie… He’s like… “joy.”

  3. Good luck to Mr. Larj!That’s just one colorway on that sock? Coolness!! I thought it was one of your crazy leftovers socks.Cool buzz on the Etsy shop picking up. If i had cash to spend i’d empty your shop! Although, Deb did buy me a new sterling silver chain while we were in Williamsburg. I’d been without my triqueta for at least a month, my old chain broke. I was feeling quite naked and a bit unprotected too.

  4. Love the sock! And thanks for you nice comments…..Mr. Larj has my most positive thoughts going his way…And Mr. Greenjeans is done :-). It was an easy knit – you will love it.

  5. Awww – I’m having all my fingers crossed for Mr. Larj here – all the very best to him on the job front!Your Hundertwasser-socks are going to look absolutely awesome, what a brilliant colorway! You know, while in Vienna last weekend, I got to see the “Hundertwasser-Haus”, a totally crazy thing that he designed, and it’s just the coolest thing ever, in exactly the colors that you have in your yarn – as well as lots of others too – it must be the most colorful house I’ve ever seen! Rockin’ freakin’ cool it was ;)))

  6. That’s how I feel about the Hundertwasser. I knit my first Hundertwasser socks in a rib pattern in that exact colorway… and I loved, loved, loved watching the colors change. I was lamenting not getting more of the stuff…And then my sister, who doesn’t knit but reads my blog, sent me more! : )

  7. Good job news for Mr Larj and the dog!! Sending positive thoughts your way!!! The Hundertwasser socks are very random and colourful and do benefit from a simpler pattern.Oh, what do you do with the Tea tree oil?? I am afeared of using it and it being too strong. Yes, Labradors have problem ears. Harki does and Tori did. They have folded over ears and not enough air circulates apparently. Peri has good ears. She is atypical!!!Those Labradros really do make mud!! All that innocence is a front!!

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