And Now On To…..Ummmm…

Finally I can post FO pics of my Hundertwasser socks and my Opal caterpillar “at work” socks that I only work on at lunch and during boring meetings at work. Even though I finished these last weekend, I am just now posting pics. Have I been busy? No…not really. Have I been scattered? YES.. that would be more accurate.

Not that life is exceedingly stressful right now but we are undergoing some changes here at Casa Larj that have been throwing me off. Of couse first and foremost are the changes in Mr. Larj’s work situation. He’s still getting a fair amount of hours in at his contingent printing job. He even got his first check the other day… Woo Hoo!!! There is still talk of him getting hired on full time, possibly after the first of the year. Right now however, he’s working a pretty uneven schedule and I think it’s got everyone sort of off kilter including the Dalmatian who has some serious separation anxiety issues. I have come home twice in the last couple of weeks to find a “prezzie” on my living room rug where Mr. Dog apparently couldn’t handle the stress of being left alone and decided to make a deposit. All I can say it that the carpet cleaner was one of our better investments.

I hope everyone had a good Turkey day. I caught the bug that’s been going around at work for the last couple of months at work (as soon as people started getting flu shots?) and was feeling punk. So we stayed in and Mr. Larj did all the cooking. I called Mom Larj and of course she told me to STAY HOME if I was sick because she didn’t want it!

As for knitting, I’ve started this, but I’m using a thick and thin yarn and it’s curling like mad. I was thinking of re-starting it using a regular worsted weight yarn and casting on a few extra stitches. I’m undecided. Of course I am procrastinating on starting some other projects, notoriously the Mr. Greenjeans cardigan. Maybe if I do my gauge swatches it’ll make the idea of starting a little more concrete in my abstract brain.

Here’s a little clarification for anyone who’s wondered about my nickname! Everyone have a great week!!


15 thoughts on “And Now On To…..Ummmm…

  1. The socks look great. I especially love the top ones. I was just thinking I needed to start a new pair because I’m having cold feet. But then I clicked on the neck warmer link and I think thats definitely on the list of must do this now. Because how cool looking is that? Plus I have that button. Can I knit along with you?Cheers!

  2. Fabulous socks! That’s my favorite Hundertwasser colorway right there (I have 2 more my sister sent me for my birthday), and those other socks… I love the way they pattern yet don’t really stripe, exactly.Feel better soon!

  3. Fantastic socks! I have been to the Hundertwasser House in Vienna (not to mention his adjacent public toilets – even more fantastic than your socks) but never thought I would come across his name on a Blog attached to a pair of socks. So thanks for the unexpected experience. Thanks also for the great video, which explains your name and your delightful visage! With love from the Opinionated Englishman.

  4. Wow, what a cool random comment from the “Englishman”! Anyway, lovin’ the the socks and the Youtube link! I really need to learn how to pimp my blog. Hope you’re better soon, I got the flu too (as did our pal shorty) nothing says Happy Holidays quite the same……..grr….

  5. OMG, you are crazy. Hahaha, “and it looked like THIS!”Hey, I demand to know how handknit socks *don’t* make your legs and feet look fat. Did you sell your soul to the devil?

  6. Ha, I always knew where you got the name and icon of ‘Large Marge’. This was the first movie my husband and I ever went to when we started dating. We watched it many times over the years and pull it out on anniversary nights. After 20+ years I can finally say that I am a little tired of it now. Though, ‘it was on a night like this…’ does come up once in a while.:-)

  7. I’m so glad you cleared the Larj Marj name for me. You would think I would have remembered that scene considering how many times I’ve seen that movie. But it completely flew over my head in relation to your name. Thanks for bringing back great memories.Love the socks. I can’t seem to wrap my yarn around finishing my work/at work socks. I have too many other things I’m supposed to be working on.

  8. Gosh – it seems these times are quite stressful for you with a lot of changes going on! I have all my fingers crossed for Mr. Larj to get the job full time – things will calm down then with him having more “normal” working hours, and I’m sure that the doggie will get rid of his anxieties then too!Your socks look ever so gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing this Hundertwasser yarn for quite a while now but never bought it yet as I find it pretty expensive (at least it is over here) – but now after seeing your gorgeous colorways, I think I will just have to get some for myself too! Awesome colors!!!That video is a scream!

  9. Hahahaha, that’s so funny because I just watched PeeWee’s movie this weekend and TOTALLY thought of you when I saw that scene. I whipped out the laptop and clicked right over to your blog to double check your avatar…AHA!

  10. Pretty socks!I hope the situation or whatever gets solved and you can get back to normal life again. I’ve been way too busy for the past weeks and am behind in my blog reading…

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