But it Looked so Simple….

Sometimes it seems as if the simplest of projects are the ones that give us the most grief. I had a gift certificate that my sis gave me from one of our LYS’s. I didn’t really know what to do with it so I bought some needles and one skein of Cascade Nikki with the intention of using it to make this. I loved the variations of the colors and the softness of the yarn. However, it is a thick and thin yarn and unbeknown to me it does like to curl…curl like crazy!

So I searched my stash for a suitable replacement. I decided to use some of the lovely yarn that I purchased at the Sheep and Wool Festival this year from Pond View Farm. It’s a blend of BFL and Llama. They even put pics of the “source” animals on the label. This seems to be working up a lot more in line with the pattern. It’s worsted weight so I am double stranding it to get a proper size.

I also started a pair of baby socks for a co-worker who is due to deliver soon. Wouldn’t you know that I got to the toe of the second sock, did my usual 3 needle bind off only to turn it inside out and find a funky yarn mess. That drove me to get the scissors out and lop off the toe! Again, something simple that I have made many many times….

The knitting fairies have not been kind lately. Maybe it’s a combination of the sickness that is sweeping our household right now (upper respiritory mayhem) and the monthly hormone hurricane that decided to coincide with my sniffles and coughing. At this stage in my life that business needs to come to a stop, it serves NO purpose other than to cause me irritation and inconvenience. Yes, it’s a crabby middle aged Monday!! Thought I’d share.

Everyone have a great week!


12 thoughts on “But it Looked so Simple….

  1. It’s a shame that thick & thin yarn didn’t work out! It’s so pretty. Hopefully you’ll find a better use for it anyway, and the neckwarmer looks lovely in the new yarn.How much do I love the “source animal” pictures on those labels?! Perfect for my kinda-obsession with cute wooly creatures. I think I need to get to that Sheep & Wool Fest next year!

  2. So glad my Crabbie Monday’s are finally coming to an end. In my case though, they were Crabbies 8+ days a month. So I’m really glad they are ending. And so is everyone who had to deal with me during that time.

  3. Oh gosh, I so, so hear you!!! It seems the knitting fairies and godesses have been anywhere these past weeks, but not with us – I would love to know where in all the world they have been! Christmas shopping? Getting wasted in some bar? But experience shows that they’ll be back – the question is just: When? Sooner or later? I sure hope sooner and have all my fingers crossed for you and your knitting!

  4. I hope you’re feeling better. And damn hormones! I had a hysterectomy a while ago, best thing that ever happened to me.Hope your knitting is coming along better. Love the animals on the label!

  5. Boy, seems like there is an epidemic out there. I’ve got that upper respiratory crap too PLUS just had the hormone hurricane hit also. At least the hurricane has ended since I started but boy, the two together have wiped me out. I love the knitting you are doing, and have done (groovy socks!). I have not done a bit of knitting in a week or so, it makes me sad. Hope you feel better over there soon!

  6. Yup – those hormines are a real pain in the a$$ making us all nuts! I love the new yarn for your neckwarmer – it suits perfectly.I hope the mayhem leaves sooon – lots of friends and students are also suffering here.Ah – ballet dancers – they sound like a herd of freakin’ elephants when you are sitting in the orchestra pit below the stage….And – yes, I have always been the rebel >-} and not about to change.

  7. There’s a lot of upper respiratory stuff going on. I had a cough and the flu, DH is still on antibiotics (2nd round), and the knitting fairies may have tried to do me a favor, but were prevented when the kittens got into my WIPs. You’re not alone. We’ll ride this out and experience knitting bliss sometime soon, I just know it!

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