No Pics….No Wips

It is Monday isn’t it? Here at Casa Larj it’s a virtual den of cooties, I am still getting over my upper respiratory mayhem and at my insistence, Mr. Larj went to the urgent care clinic on Saturday only to learn that he has walking pneumonia. We’re still working through all of it but when either of us get home we just collapse. Hence the lack of knitting content.

I did manage to finish my neck warmer which is blocking in the basement and my version of the “Republic” hat which I scaled back to fit my peanut head. I still have to sew the button on the neck warmer before it’s wear ready. Pictures to come this weekend I hope, barring any relapse.

Another smaller project that I managed to finish are the gauge swatches for Mr. Greenjeans. I hate gauge swatches, I am never sure, should they be stretched? Should they lay flat? What about ribbing? It’s all too much thinking for something that is supposed to be “fun”. So as it stands the semi stretched stockinette swatch comes pretty close to the 4″ x 4″ measurement. The ribbing pattern not so much… a little smaller. So what I am going to do is make the damn thing all with the same needles size (8) and hope for the best.

Everyone have a great week and stay well!


11 thoughts on “No Pics….No Wips

  1. Yikes! Here’s hoping you & Mr. Larj both feel LOTS better soon! I can’t believe how EVERYONE I know seems to be sick right about now. :(I hate swatching, too…I’m doing it for some Xmas gifts right now & it’s just no fun. I look forward to seeing your Mr. Greenjeans, though — I like that pattern a lot!

  2. I’m sorry you both are under the weather…the neck warmer looks great tho! What colour is yours? Swatch should be exactly the size without stretching and no ribbing unless that is the pattern stitch. But now I understand you’re supposed to block first too? Sorry, I knit the swatch, that’s good enough. If it blooms, it blooms. Man Who Fell To Earth-it was a good one! Strange but good!Get well soon!

  3. Get very very well very very soon!I never know what to do with gauge swatches either. Good luck with the sweater. I can’t wait to see your finished objects.

  4. Gosh! I’m so sorry to hear that you and Mr. Larj have been so sick lately – sending over lots and lots of positive vibes and well wishes, hope you’re both much, much better soon!Swatches? Gawd, I hate them! I never stretch them though when measuring, except for the ribbing – this I stretch a tiny bit, not more, and then measure it. And yep, I think they should lay flat, at least that’s what I’ve been doing and so far things worked out quite well that way! But it’s a very confusing thing indeed, that’s for sure!Good luck with the sweater!

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