As Promised….

Finally some FO’s . I finished the “Not Cashmere Neckwarmer”, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and the modifications that I made. I cast on 19 stitches to make it a little wider and used some yummy BFL llama blend yarn from Pond View Farms that I got at the Sheep and Wool Fest. Yes, that is dog hair on my top, it’s everywhere.

I finally cast on for the Fibertrends felted cap last night. I couldn’t really make sense of the order of the initial cast on which is supposed to be a long tail cast on so I changed it to a loose cable cast on and did it my own way. I hope this doesn’t turn around and bite me on the ass when I go to felt it. Oh well at any rate….it’s knitting.

I also started a pair of cable eyelet socks using some Bearfoot from Mountain colors. It’s fingering weight but it seems heavier so I am using a size 2 addi and 60 stitches. So far so good. I had to have something portable for Wednesday and Thursday, this is when I am taking Mom Larj in for her cataract surgery. I think she’s a little nervous but then that’s normal.

A lot on my plate this weekend and really not on account of the holidays. Both Mr. Larj and I don’t really have what you’d call “family” so it’s not like this time of the year is any more hectic than a normal day. I think it’s just hectic because of us both being sick and now it’s time to play catch up. I have a lot of errands and Etsy stuff to catch up on tomorrow along with the dreaded “cooking”. Bleah! Everyone have a great week!


12 thoughts on “As Promised….

  1. Love the neck warmer. I think it turned out great! I can’t wait to see what this hat turns into. Looks like it will be cozy though.I hope playing catch up means that you and Mr Larj are feeling much much better.

  2. Ok, talk about coincidence: I’ve just finished a couple of those neckwarmers AND I’m taking my mum in for cataract surgery this Thurs![I’m sure your mum will be surprised at how simple the procedure really is.]Nora

  3. What a yummy neckwarmer this is – it looks ever so soft and cozy, and the color is just perfect!I’m so sorry to hear that you and Mr. Larj haven’t been feeling well – sending over lots and lots of positive energies and well wishes and hope you’ll be doing much better soon!

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