Better Than Expected

Well given the appearance of the before picture, I had my reservations about how this was going to turn out. I should have more faith in an established pattern but as I tweaked this one slightly I wasn’t really sure of what I was going to get. I’m not really sure of the “look” of the before picture, a blindfolded Smurf? … a morel mushroom? … or the EVIL Emperor Palpatine.

Ta DA!! Here’s the finished and very soggy end result. I came pretty close to overfelting it but I think I intervened just in time. I had to go a little more than the pattern probably called for because of my lil’ peanut head. I was trying to do sort of a chin tuck so I didn’t look like a post office mug shot, also it was starting to drip down my back at this point. Mr. Larj said that I either looked like John Lennon or a Communist. Yeah…he is the master of subtlety. It’s hard to tell on account of the color but the cap does have a brim and a little black “nub” on top. The Nature Wool felted a little furry so I am probably going to have to give it a shave.

What next? Can you guys tell that I am procrastinating on starting Mr. Greenjeans? I also found another cardi pattern on the Lion Brand web site that I might try to do in a cheapy yarn just to get over my seam-a-phobia. It’s actually a cute pattern which surprised me, LB is kind of known for it’s patterns o’ FUG. I also started a basic cable eyelet sock. I needed something to take with me when Mom Larj had her cataract surgery today. She sailed through it with flying colors and said that the experience was “pleasant”. Her nurse was a knitter too. Scarves only so far. When I showed her my caterpillar socks she got the look on her face, oh yes, it won’t be long before she comes over to the dark side!

Tomorrow is another day off, I am taking Mom Larj for her follow up visit with her eye doctor. Then I really have to buckle down and clean up the house. It’s been nice having the time off of work (6 days). I accomplished most of what I set out to do…except starting that cardi.

Everyone have a great rest of your week!


14 thoughts on “Better Than Expected

  1. Wow, that cap looks awesome! Totally awesome, and so do you!!! I had to howl out loud when I read that Mr. Larj thought you look like a Communist – okay, I’d prefer the John Lennon-version ;=)But this is exactly THE cap that I would love to knit and wear too – room enough to stuff your hair and whatever else underneath – and I lovelovelove the colors!!! Great job!I’m so glad to hear that Mom Larj is doing so fine after her surgery – with a nurse who’s a knitter things just have to be perfect, no? I’m sending over lots and lots of good wishes and positive energies for her!

  2. I love love love your hat! It turned out beautifully. Glad to hear Mom is doing good after surgery. These parents are sure hard to take care of, lol!Enjoy your day off!

  3. Um, I am getting the John Lennon vibe. lol Also, pleasantly surprised to see some of our common groups on the Rav. 🙂 I just love you more and more. I also covet several of the items in your etsy store. lol

  4. Great hat. I’m glad you caught it in time (unlike my socks)I just felted Mom’s clogs this morning. They are also pretty soggy. I was glad to read your Mom came through well. I went to NY for my Mom’s cataract surgery and her nurse was also a knitter. Hmm – I wish you hadn’t included the link to that little cardi…. now I have to add it to my queue!Hope you are not snowed under right now and tomorrow is a relaxing day.

  5. I think the hat is awesome! Go let it dry so you can wear it!!!I’m not going to have to knit that cardi because I am not patient enough to sign on to lion brand everytime I want to look at a free pattern.

  6. Fantastic hat! You’re stylin’.Have you ever thought of a Sally Melville Einstein Coat for your seam-a-phobia? If it’s constructed like the baby version, you end up with two seams.Clean house? What’s that??

  7. Ooooh I LOVE THAT HAT WOMAN! Don’t ever wear it around me or I’m going to snatch it right off you head and run like my ass is on fire! yes I will!

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