A New Year ….

I guess that I’ve always scratched my head at the idea of New Year’s and resolutions. I look back at last year and it’s pretty much like every other year. Some good stuff, some bad stuff and lots of routine. I guess the one thing that’s consistent in my life is the art of procrastination and a very short attention span. I did indeed start my Mr. Greenjeans cardi. It’s pretty much where I left it a couple of weeks ago. I was diverted by some ideas that I had for a neck gaiter, and of course if I was going to do that, I had to have a matching hat. Then if I was going to add some new pieces to my knitwear wardrobe then I was going to have to weed some of the old stuff out, and if I was going to do that then I would have to have some comparable pieces to replace them. See where this is going? Yes, off to buy more yarn and start more projects. I found some Paton’s classic wool in some variegated colors that matched a lot of my other accessories and my down coat, I thought that it would be perfect for the neck gaiter. Then I decided a matching hat was in order. I tried to find a pattern for a neck gaiter that I liked and really didn’t come across anything so I made up my own. I started with the neck in 2×2 ribbing and then moved on to the chest/shoulder part in stockinette. My original increases left me looking like this, so I frogged and only increased every four rows until the last two increase rounds which were done every five rows. It still has a couple of ruffle spots but that part will be hidden under my coat. I weeded out my knitwear stash and decided that I really hadn’t gotten enough use out of my peach color Irish Hiking Scarf so I decided to stop fighting my love of green and make myself another one in a color that I love.
So at present time, I think I have enough wip’s to keep me busy for a while and I don’t need to start anything else.

One the personal front, I am either sick again or still sick. I am too fed up with feeling this way to make a determination. I have been on and off like this since late November. Tomorrow Mom Larj has her second cataract operation. She sailed through the first one with flying colors. Mr. Larj is still in the process of job hunting although his contingent printing position is keeping us afloat.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. I am going to leave you with a little video of midnight on New Year’s in the hood. Yes, it’s a lovely mix of gunfire (for the most part) and fireworks. So, turn the sound up!! Everyone have a great week.


11 thoughts on “A New Year ….

  1. OK, I love that neck gaiter. Depending on the yarn you choose, it can look like tribal African jewelry or like ancient Egyptian neck art. Or you could pick silvery yarn and make it look sci-fi. What a versatile pattern!

  2. Love the neck gaiter, very original! I looked at the one you frogged . . . LMAO!!!!Wow, you had gunfire. I didn’t notice any here, but I was in bed at about 12:02, heard fireworks, maybe they were gunshots, who knows. I’m glad we didn’t get hit too hard with that snowstorm.Happy New Year!

  3. The scarf looks great so far! I love green, too. I’m so sorry you’re still not feeling well. This seems to be going around with just about everyone I know, myself included. 😦

  4. Wow, you have been doing some excellent knitting and I think you look very lovely in your photos!! Sorry to hear you are not well. I hope the New Year finds you hale and hearty!!! Best wishes to You and Mr Larj with his job hunting too!!!PS I think the ‘neck gaiter’ looks very Egyptian, and I LOVE the green Irish Hiking scarf!!!

  5. Love the gaiter! Oh, those rowdy neighbors… we have a few of those in my neighborhood, but not quite as, uh, elaborate as yours.And yes, my child does have long toes– you should see her father’s!

  6. Your neck gaiter looks great! Sorry that I didn’t get around to writing the pattern for mine, but I’ve been awfully busy. I hate it when I have no time for the fun stuff any more. Happy New Year!

  7. Hey, maybe you should get your butt to the doctor??I love your gaiter. I wish I could think of a time when I could wear it here, but although it is cold here by Australian standards, it would never be cold enough for me to wear a gaiter!Thanks for the video! Duck!

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